Attack On Titan: 10 Ways Eren Ruined His Likeability

Eren Yeager is best known as the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, but his role in the entire franchise has changed dramatically. At the beginning of the series, he dedicated his life to eradicating all the titans in the world and trained day and night to become a member of the Survey Corps. As the story progressed, Eren made a host of disastrous decisions, such as killing many civilians, including children, after infiltrating Marley.

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Although Eren often ranks at the top of popularity polls and possesses many great qualities, he has managed to ruin his liking thanks to his erratic behavior and questionable actions.

10 When he relentlessly announced that he would eradicate all Titans

After his mother was eaten by a Titan, Eren vowed that he would destroy each and every one of them over and over again. Although his anger and determination were valid, his emotionally impulsive and bratty demeanor constantly ruffled the feathers of his companions. Jean, in particular, found Eren’s prospect unbearably irritating and claimed that even though Eren acts tough, he’s actually scared to death. The tension Eren created eventually led to a violent but hilarious altercation between him and Jean.

9 When he told Mikasa to cut her hair

Early in the series, it is shown that Eren never really appreciates Mikasa’s loyalty to him and often finds him more annoying than helpful. For example, after Eren caused a commotion with Jean, Mikasa tried to comfort him, but was met with a dismissive and rude response.

Instead of thanking her for her help at the time, Eren told her that she should worry more about cutting her hair so it doesn’t get tangled during her ODM training.

8 When I was still being kidnapped

Conspiracy to Capture the Female Titan _ Attack on Titan

A constant joke inside the Attack on Titan The fandom is Eren’s habit of being repeatedly abducted, while his comrades always turn to his assistant.

In season 1, the Female Titan caught him momentarily, but his attempt was crushed by the Ackermans. In season 2, Reiner and Bertholdt apparently succeeded in their mission to kidnap him, but the Survey Corps thwarted their plans. Then in season 3, Eren was kidnapped under the orders of Rod Reiss, and once again his friends risked their lives to save him from doom.

7 When he didn’t kiss Mikasa

Mikasa Ackerman smiling (Attack on Titan)

Eren fell into an emotional state of despair after he failed to save Hannes from being eaten by the same Titan that ate his mother. Mikasa collapsed upon seeing a broken Eren and couldn’t bear to hear him talk about how useless he was, so she began to express her feelings towards him.

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While she gave him multiple reasons to believe it wasn’t as pointless as claimed, she slowly leaned in as if to kiss him, but sadly for Mikasa, Eren sat up before she could seal the deal. The upside to this is that if Eren hadn’t gotten out of the way, he couldn’t have saved them from being eaten by the Titans.

6 When she laughed after asking Connie about Sasha’s last words

The fans know very well that Attack on Titan never shy away from killing a prominent character. Despite this, Sasha’s heartbreaking death was still a shock.

After learning that Gabi had fatally shot Sasha, Armin and Mikasa ran to her assistant and lay beside her in disbelief until she died. Once Connie informed Eren of Sasha’s death, he asked him what his last words were and Connie informed him that it was “meat”. Instead of expressing sadness, Eren laughed.

5 When he insulted Mikasa and hit Armin

Eren attacks Armin

Armin could barely contain his anger after Eren brutally insulted Mikasa by announcing that he has always hated her and that his entire life has been guided by the vagaries of his Ackerman blood.

As Eren continued his hurtful spiel, Armin lunged at his best childhood friend and hit him square in the face. In retaliation, Eren told Armin that they had never fought before because they were completely even, and struck and bloodied Armin with a series of punches.

4 When he aggressively confronted Hange

eren hange attack on titan

Hange approached Eren after seeing him look in a mirror while repeatedly saying, “fight, fight, fight.” As I asked him why he was doing something so strange, Eren became enraged. He grabbed Hange through the bars of his cell and made it clear that he could escape captivity at any time after receiving the power of the Warhammer Titan.

3 When he manipulated his father into killing the Reiss family

Eren manipulates his father Grisha Yeager

Fans spent years thinking that Grisha Yeager made the decision to murder the Reiss family on her own. However, the manga eventually revealed that Eren was behind her murder the entire time.

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As Zeke and Eren traveled through their father’s memories, Grisha was shown to hesitate at the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling the family to obtain the Founding Titan, until Eren managed to manipulate him into doing so.

two When he pushed his friends away

Eren adult putting on coat

Although the truth behind Eren’s behavior change It became clear as the story unfolded, his friends were initially left in the dark. His attitude had gone from being a determined hero who wanted to save all humans to one who mercilessly killed children without a second thought. This meant that it left Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, and the rest of their former comrades agonizing over their sudden personality change and eagerly searching for the reasons why.

1 When the din started

Titans running for Marley during The Rumbling

Once Eren successfully convinced Ymir Fritz to side with him over Zeke’s, the Rumbling began, a catastrophic event that involved the Colossal Titans marching across the world, crushing everything in their path.

His reasons for wiping out 80% of humanity were justified in his own mind: he truly believed that it was the only way to save his friends and fellow Eldians from both the power of the Titans and the rest of the world.

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