Batman’s Forgotten Allies Reveal His Dark Fate

The We Are Robin collective once kept Gotham’s streets safe, but a new comic has revealed that not all members have a happy ending.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Batman Secret Files: The # 1 Sign!

On Batman Secret Files: The No. 1, a dark fate is revealed for former members of the vigilante collective We Are Robin. Most of the group’s members, with the notable exception of Duke Thomas, have been absent from the limelight for some time, and readers learn that several of them have suffered greatly since their last appearance in the comics.

We are … Robin published twelve issues in the waning days of the New 52 era. Written by Lee Bermejo with art by Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph, the book was unlike any other Bat-Family titles at the time; The group was a collective of teenagers committed to keeping Gotham City’s streets safe without the backing of the Dark Knight. Named after Batman’s sidekick in honor of his youth, the group recruited Duke Thomas, who would later become Signal, Gotham’s daytime protector. Since We are … Robin’s In the end, and the promotion of Thomas, the collective has disbanded, and many of these young heroes met with tragic fates.

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Duke Thomas is adjusting to the role of Signal, successfully progressing through Batman’s superhero training program. But things get even more complicated when two mysterious costumed characters thwart a robbery … gouging out the assailant’s eyes. Signal also answers the call and comes face to face with two of his former We Are Robin teammates, who now hold a grudge against him. His former colleagues feel that he abandoned them when he became “Hiring Diversity for Batman”. As they fight, Signal learns that another former teammate, Dre, struggled with drug addiction because his crime-fighting career was cut short. They also reveal that other members of the collective have suffered similar fates, with some making their way to the youth wing of Arkham Asylum. The two then declare war on Signal.

Batman Secret Archives the Sign

The We Are Robin collective grew out of youthful optimism and the belief that the world could change for the better; Its members protected the streets of Gotham when Batman failed, and seeing his tragic payoff is heartbreaking for Duke Thomas and fans alike. Gotham took that optimism and desire for change and stomped on it. Batman’s war on crime takes its toll on anyone who joins the cause, and former members of We Are Robin have learned this lesson the hard way. The problem, from Tony Patrick, Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero and Andworld Design, does not reveal what happened to each member of the collective, so there is a possibility that some members have moved on to better things, but it seems like that is a lot. this is not the case for most.

The We Are Robin collective was there for Gotham during one of its darkest times, but they have been rewarded with nothing but suffering – the pain is compounded by the Dark Knight’s lack of resources. While many members of bat ManThe family moves on to greater things, the We Are Robin collective was not so lucky; Its members have been through difficult times, and while the Token will undoubtedly do its best to help its former allies, for some of them, it seems too late.

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