Below Cover Med: David Reveals His Favorite Cast Member

Deck Mediterranean sailor David Pascoe is revealing everything in this exclusive Screen Rant interview, including his favorite cast member.

David Pascoe is the newest member of the Beneath the Mediterranean deck family, and she’s winning over fans with her charm. Even though he gets along with all the crew members, Screen rant I was able to ask him who his favorite coworker was, even if we had to twist his arm a bit to get an answer.

The Lady Michelle currently sails the waters of the Adriatic Sea and shares a whole new look at the Croatian coastline. Season 6 includes a few episodes, and for the most part, the only major drama has been with chef Mathew Shea and his dubious knee. The deck crew is doing well, thanks to their strong leader, Malia White. Hayu fans have been introduced to a whole new team, including David. The Devon native has won over viewers with his positive attitude and the way he moves around the kitchen.

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Hayu’s new reality star had a chance to sit down with Screen rant and give us an idea of ​​the current season. Right away, viewers have noticed that he’s gotten used to getting along with everyone, but we wanted to know who his favorite person was on the yacht. Immediately, David let it be known that he “I couldn’t just pick one.” After a quick reply, he joked that “Damn good” He didn’t have to pick a favorite, but eventually, he did. Caught between a rock and a hard place, he reluctantly told us, “Uhh, I’m going to go out and say Mzi. If you’re going to force my hand like it’s such a difficult decision, I love Zee to pieces. “

David noticed that he enjoyed everyone’s company. Below deck, Mediterranean Fans may think Mzi is green, but David defended his friend by correcting us, saying: “Mzi is not green. Mzi is a fucking champion. “ David agreed that he had a true friendship with his fellow sailor and jokingly replied: “There were stars and sparkles and everything.” According to the surfer, “green” is a relative term that is used for people who have no navigation experience. But what the term doesn’t take into account is “Egos. Generalized laziness. Mzi is the least green guy in the world because he has a fantastic attitude. If you make a mistake, you acknowledge it and want to learn. So he’s already one step above most CEOs who are walking the deck with the right qualifications but with an incredible ego. “

In the most recent episode of Below the mediterranean deck, Zee was concerned that he could not cast the lines correctly on the dock, but he did very well. As for David, he is currently back and forth between France and England, although he hopes to make the South West of England his permanent resting place in the near future and maybe even add a dog or two to the mix!

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