Now that Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 is over, Colin MacRae opens up about producers encouraging the crew to drink alcohol.

Now that Colin MacRae’s season of Sailing yacht below deck has come to an end, he’s opening up about the crew’s drinking. Colin appeared in Sailing yacht below deck season 2 earlier this year as chief engineer on board. He became very close to his first mate Gary King after Colin’s roommate Jean-Luc switched rooms with Gary due to his height. Although Colin didn’t say much during the season, he was liked by most of the crew.

Aside from being super friendly with the entire crew in Sailing yacht below deckColin, who recently battled COVID-19, was the only one in the group who did not lose control with his drinking. He usually had a beer in hand during his days off, but he never seemed out of control like some of his crewmates. However, it appears that Colin was able to stay calm a bit more when it came to drinking compared to his crew.

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During an interview at the Altered reality podcast with Below the mediterranean deck Alumni Alex Radcliffe and Anastasia Surmava, Colin spoke about how the producers encouraged the team to drink alcohol before sitting down for interviews. “I don’t know about you guys, but you encourage us to get pretty beaten up during those interviews.“he told the hosts. In fact, when the engineer told Chief Stew Daisy about Gary possibly wanting to hook up with Sydney (who was rumored to be dating Captain Glenn) to get revenge on Alli, he admits that it was induced by alcohol. “They encourage you to drink“Colin admitted.”It relaxes your nerves and they get more juice out of you. So that particular morning, it was like our second to last interview. […] So I went in there and broke like 10 beers. I was screwed. “

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After downing so many beers, Colin returned to the boat completely lost and had a conversation with Daisy about Gary. “It was like walking past the laundry room. And Daisy is standing there washing something. And it just slipped out of my mouthShe admitted. Shocked by the news, Daisy immediately went to Alli, who announced her pregnancy and told her what Colin had said about Gary’s plan. As a result, Alli ignored Gary for the rest of dinner, which eventually ruined the evening. Colin admits he regretted saying something to Daisy. He also feels responsible for the drama that followed. The presenters weighed in on the situation, and Alex admitted that the producers put him on a drink limit after he passed out one night “.I had three bottles of wine, and for my season, everyone else after that had no more than two drinks., “revealed, adding,”I passed out and went back to the boat. They had to stop filming because I couldn’t stand up. “

While alcohol may have prompted Colin to tell Daisy the beans, the producers would never pressure a crew member with alcohol who did not agree to drink it. Colin made the decision to drink ten beers, and the aftermath of his drinking is his prerogative. Hopefully, Colin speaking negatively of the producers doesn’t kill his chances of appearing in Sailing yacht below deck season 3.

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Sources: Altered reality podcast, Colin MacRae on Instagram

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