Black Widow star OT Fagbenle says the Marvel role he originally auditioned for was “very, very, very different” than Rick Mason.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel Black widow, now in theaters and on Disney + Premier Access.

On Black widow, The Handmaid’s Tale star OT Fagbenle makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Rick Mason. While serving as an ally to Natasha Romanoff, the actor revealed that his original role was very different from on-screen.

Fagbenle spoke with Buzzfeed about last week’s debut of Black widow in theaters and at Disney + Premier Access, along with future projects such as Maxxx Y The First Lady, the latter of which will see him play Barack Obama. When the outlet asked what it was like to audition for the notoriously secretive Marvel Studios, Fagbenle dropped a tantalizingly mysterious detail about the role he chose.

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“You know what? The audition process was fun because my character was so different. The character I auditioned for was very, very different,” Fagbenle revealed. “He had a different accent and everything. Then the character changed and [director] Cate [Shortland] I liked it, so I thought I would have to audition again. But she said, ‘No, just come’ and I said, ‘Okay, sure, okay.

After failing to land the first role, Fagbenle wasn’t sure if he could play Rick Mason, the man who gives Natasha the gear she needs, due to his Hulu series. Maxxx, who wrote, directed, composed, starred, and executive produced. “The funny thing is, there was a time when I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it,” Fagbenle continued. “At the time, I was writing and directing my own TV show called Maxxx on Hulu. It looked like there was going to be a crash and he would have to decide which one he would be able to do. Fortunately, they made it happen, so I was able to do both. “

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“I don’t know how much detail I can go into, but I’ll just say that the role was very, very, very different,” Fagbenle said when pressed about the role he auditioned for. Given the mention of the role change and early rumors that Fagbenle was going to play the masked Taskmaster, it’s not hard to imagine that the actor was originally set to play the movie’s villain. Ultimately, however, the movie reveals that Taskmaster is Antonia, the daughter of Red Room’s mastermind, Draykov.

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In the end, Fagbenle plays one of the few people Natasha trusts and lets her guard down, but the Black widow The trailer showed some scenes that didn’t turn out well. “I love all the scenes, but there was a scene right at the beginning of the trailer, where Scarlett and I slept together,” Fagbenle said. “We had a pretty intimate conversation, but it was cut from the movie. The scene is somewhere, but yeah, that was one of my parts of the movie to shoot.”

Directed by Cate Shortland and starring Scarlett Johansson, Black widow is currently in theaters and airs on Disney + Premier Access. So far, the movie has grossed $ 215 million, $ 60 million of which has come from its Disney + debut alone.

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