Black Widow’s original script did not include Red Guardian’s superhero costume

The original Black Widow script did not include Red Guardian wearing his old Soviet superhero costume, according to star David Harbor.

The original Black widow The script did not include the former Red Guardian costume, according to star David Harbor. The Soviet super soldier is a central part of the story, and his frequent boasts about his glory days are used throughout the film as comic relief. In the finished film, Alexei finds and dons his old Red Guardian costume for the third act, but which was initially not part of the Black widow plan.

Along the Black widow, fragments of Alexei Shostakov’s story are revealed. He had a stretch of propaganda-driven glory as the Soviet Union’s first and only super soldier, then was sent on a deep cover mission in America. After returning, Alexei was imprisoned by General Dreykov for reasons that are never fully clarified. In fact, many of the details of Red Guardian’s past are unclear at the end of Black widow, including how he actually got his superpowers.

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Regardless of its exact origins, Red Guardian returns to action in Black widow to help Natasha and Yelena finish the Red Room once and for all, donning her old outfit along the way. However, according to Harbor, that classic suit was not part of the original plan for the film. Recently talking to Well-informed person, the actor revealed that the suit was one of several additions to the script after early rehearsals. Harbor explained that much of the overall family dynamic between Alexei, Natasha, Yelena, and Melina was added after the stars began working together, including the dining room scene where the Red Guardian appears in her old outfit. Read the full Harbor quote below.

“We had a week of rehearsals before filming started, which is a luxury. We sat down and talked about the script. As if the first draft I got of the Red Guardian costume wasn’t there. They put that bathroom scene on later. In the dinner scene, there are a lot of us just playing around. Me grabbing food right in the middle of Scarlett’s shot. They were developing the film on the fly. So there was a solid start, build, and end, but we were incorporating things along the way. “

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Alexei’s comic-book-accurate Red Guardian suit is one of several such throwback suits in Phase 4 of the MCU. WandaVision I saw retro outfits for Vision and Scarlet Witch, and Loki brought back the original Marvel Comics look of the trickster god via Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki variant. It’s always fun to see old-school Marvel costumes brought into live-action movies, and it works especially well for a comic relief character like Red Guardian.

There are currently no announced plans for Harbor’s Red Guardian to return in future MCU movies or shows, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova is poised for a comeback in Black widows post-credits scene, probably in the next Hawkeye series on Disney +. Bringing Yelena back could open the door for Red Guardian and Melina to return too, hopefully with some more classic comic book costumes. After the great success of Black widow, it would be great to see more new characters from the movie return.

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Black Widow's Red Guardian Outfit

Black Widow’s David Harbor reveals how he got his role as Red Guardian

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