Bleach is a shonen series famous for its exciting action scenes and its huge cast of colorful and unforgettable characters. Hero Ichigo Kurosaki makes many friends and allies over the course of this story, from Quincy archer Uryu Ishida to Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki and of course there is also the lady Yoruichi Shihoin. She is hard to lose.

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Yoruichi is not just any Soul Reaper. She gave up her career to save her good friend Kisuke Urahara from twisted justice, and has been a rebellious hero and vigilante ever since. Yoruichi is a powerful and fun martial artist and ninja, and her whimsical charms and eccentricities won over many fans. Anyone who loves Yoruichi Shihoin should also know some similar anime characters.

10 Joseph Joestar is also a funny joker (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo uses her hair to attack

Joestar’s first hero was Jonathan Joestar, but his grandson, Joseph Joestar, was a totally different animal. During its heyday in the Battle tendency In the story arc, Joseph Joestar dazzled and amused fans with his insane antics and clever battle tactics. No one could predict his next move, not friend or foe.

Joseph is a bit stubborn and spoiled at times, but he’s absolutely determined to do good and save the world from villains like the Pillar Men, and relies on deceptive and unconventional tactics to take down his enemies in fierce cobmat melee. Yoruichi knows a thing or two about that.

9 Ban the Fox Sin of Greed is also a cool outlaw (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban is the fox sin of greed, and grew up as a desperate street urchin, stealing food to survive. He grew up to be a somewhat respectable guy, and his prestige rose again when he joined the squad of the seven deadly sins under their captain, Meliodas himself.

Now, Ban is an eccentric but well-meaning hero who is not afraid to do things his way, which is similar to how Yoruichi does things. And like Yoruichi, Ban is a dedicated melee fighter, and can even regenerate his flesh to avoid death.

8 Milim Nava just does what she wants (that time I got reincarnated as a slime)

Milim Nava 04

Milim Nava is an ultra-powerful demon lord, although she doesn’t always play the part. Often times, Milim is simply looking for tasty snacks or playmates like an innocent child, and is an impulsive and whimsical hedonist every day. Only occasionally will she get serious, and when that happens, everyone better stay away.

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When Milim is ready to fight, she can turn any enemy to dust with her devastating melee attacks and magical techniques alike, and she recently displayed her true demonic form, complete with a single red horn. Yoruichi and Milim are far more deadly than their carefree exterior might suggest.

7 Nezuko Kamado is sweet and also has a bad kick (Demon Slayer)

Nezuko Kamado is a demon with a conscience. She is a formidable fighter and is hungry for human flesh, but will not dare to turn her fangs and claws on other humans. Instead, Nezuko supports her brother Tanjiro in battle, and she does very well.

For the most part, Nezuko is a close combat fighter, using her agility and powerful kicks to strike down her fellow demons. Yoruichi’s own style is slightly similar, and both characters are quite sweet and gentle outside of combat. They are always ready to fight, but they prefer peace.

6 Yuji Itadori is funny and excels at martial arts (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Shirtless Yuji in Jujutsu Kaisen

Youichi may not be the main character in Bleach, but it does have something in common with the shonen protagonists, like the cheerful Yuji Itadori. They would get along wonderfully well if they ever met, and they would definitely see some overlap in their fighting style. Y Lifestyle.

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Both characters are dedicated melee fighters. Even before eating Sukuna’s fingers, Yuji was a formidable fighter and athlete. He’s almost unstoppable now, but he’s not a brutal character by any means. He has a heart of gold and values ​​his friends, and he also has a great sense of humor.

5 Sasha Braus is funny and will always defend the innocent (Attack on Titan)

Sasha With Potato Attack On Titan

Sasha Braus may not have the sharp tactical mind of Yoruichi, but she is a brave and resourceful girl with sharp instincts, making her a very reliable ally in the fight against the Titans and, later, the Marley Empire. Sasha’s goofy and carefree personality is just like Yoruichi’s, and the similarities don’t end there.

Both characters will do their best to defend the innocent, even if they are not ordered to do so, and they also share a huge appetite. Sasha is famous for stealing food from warehouses, and Yoruichi ate a comically huge lunch to refuel after his duel with the Yammy Long Sword.

4 Rock Lee is a rebellious and stubborn martial artist (Naruto)

Taijutsu expert Rock Lee isn’t a total rogue, but again, he’s willing to bend the rules or act on impulse if he sees a reason to do so, like helping Naruto get Sasuke Uchiha back when no one else was available to lend him. something to Naruto. help. In Rock Lee’s position, Yoruichi Shihoin would have done the exact same thing.

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These two characters are fully dedicated to martial arts, relying on speed, agility, and great punching power to win the day, and they both have special powers to increase their physical abilities. Rock Lee can open the doors and Yoruichi can use shunko, a hybrid of martial arts and kido spells.

3 Shinra Kusakabe likes to kick and shoot (fire force)

fire force shinra kusakabe

It’s true that the fire soldier Tamaki Kotatsu has a cat-girl theme like Yoruichi, but otherwise, it’s actually Shinra Kusakabe who looks the most like Yoruichi Shihoin. Shinra is more laid-back and easygoing than Tamaki, and he’s not afraid of comically clashing with others or proclaiming himself a cartoon hero.

Shinra is a melee fighter like Tamaki and Yoruichi, who relies mainly on kicks and his Devil’s Footprints style to defeat his enemies. He can even accelerate his speed thanks to Benimaru Shinmon’s training, although it is quite exhausting.

two Lisanna Strauss is a feline martial artist (Fairy Tail)

Lisanna Strauss may not be as powerful as Yoruichi Shihoin, but otherwise they are quite similar. They are both fun-loving characters who prefer the pleasures of peace to the hardships of war, though they are never afraid of a fight. Lisanna wears her Fairy Tail brand with pride.

Lisanna can assume a variety of animal forms with her Take Over magic, but she prefers her cat-girl form, giving her a fast and agile fighting style that is on the same lines as Yoruichi’s. If they ever met, Lisanna might ask Yoruichi to train her.

1 Toru Hagakure is a funny and stealthy melee hero (My Hero Academia)

Toru Hagakure is the Invisible Girl from Class 1-A, and relies on melee attacks and stealth to fight off villains. Yoruichi also relies on stealth, although his stealth style relies on ninja techniques rather than being completely invisible. Still, the basic idea is the same.

Like Yoruichi, Toru is a cheerful, fun-loving girl who is equally ready to fight a tough battle and savor the peace that comes afterward. Toru has no weapons or ranged attacks; he simply uses his stealth to get close and beat vulnerable villains into submission.

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