Bleach: each main character and their zodiac sign

Bleach The characters are known for their unique personalities and complex emotions, aligning very well with the Zodiac. Bleach was one of the biggest shonen anime in the industry, ranked in Shonen jump along with other popular manga like Naruto Y One piece, consolidating itself as part of the “Big Three” for some time.

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Bleach It is also known for its vibrant characters and intricate story. Character development is one of the series’ most redeeming qualities. The dynamic personalities of Ichigo, Yoruichi, and Toshiro mirror that of their zodiac signs, but they aren’t the only cast members to do so.

10 Ichigo Kurosaki: Cancer

Ichigo Kurosaki remains one of the most transparent main characters in anime. Cancers are known to be sensitive and empathetic, two traits that Ichigo portrays on the show. Despite his tough exterior, Ichigo doesn’t hesitate to bear the pain of his friends and family. Ichigo is known for his emotionally fueled punk attitude, which is the textbook example of a cancer.

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Throughout the show, Ichigo displays the characteristic mood swings of a cancer. As he endures multiple hardships, Ichigo becomes distant from others and is temperamental and emotional. His grumpy attitude is like the waxing and waning moon, the sign of Cancer.

9 Rukia Kuchiki: Capricorn

Rukia has always been by Ichigo’s side. She brought Ichigo to Soul Society and was the one who recognized his potential for greatness. Their sense of responsibility and duty are unrivaled, both are crucial Capricorns traits. Rukia herself has an unwavering determination to strive for excellence.

As is characteristic of an obligate Capricorn, Rukia has always made Ichigo her responsibility. His friendship is unshakable as he fights fiercely for the people he loves. Capricorns are known to be reserved, but will love their friends strongly, and Rukia proves it when the show starts off coldly, but heats up with her friends over time.

8 Orihime Inoue: Virgo

Orihime Inoue Bleach

Virgos are earth signs, which means they are well-founded people. Orihime wasn’t always powerful, but she, like most Virgos, stands out for her work ethic. He fought and trained incessantly to become a strong and independent person that Ichigo could trust. Orihime is always there for Ichigo in his darkest moments.

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Orihime protected Ichigo when he lost his powers and tirelessly supported his efforts. Virgo’s sense of responsibility is not lost on Orihime. Earth signs are also known to be patient and kind; Despite being a background character in Ichigo’s life for so long, Orihime remains patient. Ichigo finally reciprocates his romantic feelings, a reward for his kindness and patience.

7 Yoruichi Shihouin: Capricorn

bleach yoruichi shihoin

While Yoruichi may seem quite different from Rukia, BleachLike the other Capricorn, he embodies many of the same characteristics. Capricorns are guided by Saturn, the foreman. As a Capricorn, Yoruichi does not shy away from challenges and difficulties. This can be seen when Yoruichi becomes one of the few Shinigami to venture outside of Soul Society and live in the Human World.

Responsibility and support are other Capricorn traits Yoruichi displays. She takes responsibility for guiding Orihime and Chad in their training. His support for his friends is unquestionable and a friendship with Yoruichi leaves little to be desired.

6 Toshiro Hitsugaya: Sagittarius

Toshiro Hitsugaya true form

Sagittarius is known to be goal-oriented, and Toshiro proved that he embodies this trait when he became the youngest captain of Gotei 13. It is not only his talent, but also his hard work that makes Toshiro a remarkable Shinigami. Toshiro is a child prodigy with few able to match his power. Kyoraku, one of the strongest Shinigami of all time, believes that Toshiro will eventually overcome him.

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Toshiro is fiercely honest, which can make him appear tactless, both of which are prominent Sagittarius traits. He is not concerned with Soul Society politics and instead spends his time exposing those who have committed crimes, including the elites in Gotei 13.

5 Rangiku Matsumoto: Libra

A partnership is important to Rangiku as it is to many Libras. Gotei 13 is a close group where Rangiku valued his many companions. Relationships are remarkably shocking in Rangiku: Gin, someone Rangiku considered his soul mate, and Toshiro, one of his closest companions, both play an important role in his life.

Rangiku’s unwavering sense of justice pulls her out of the depths of despair caused by Gin’s betrayal. Live a life fueled by your personal peace, a phenomenon known to Libras. It’s her own indecision that causes her a lot of pain, but with the support of her friends, Rangiku emerges from the ashes of her and Gin’s relationship.

4 Kisuke Urahara: Capricorn

Despite Kisuke’s laid-back demeanor, it would be inappropriate not to consider him ambitious. Capricorns are known for their ambitions and perseverance, and Kisuke’s thousands of innovations have changed Ichigo’s life and the world. Kisuke is relentless in everything he does, be it training Ichigo or creating his latest invention.

Realism is another key trait of Capricorns. Kisuke knew he couldn’t defeat Aizen without Ichigo and dedicated himself to training Ichigo. With the help of the shonen leader, Kisuke was finally part of Aizen’s defeat.

3 Chad (Yasutira Sado): Aries

Chad is a fan favorite in the Bleach Serie. Chad and Ichigo share a rich history, and like most Aries, Chad displays countless moments of courage. He is not afraid to take a chance for Ichigo, whom he considers a very close friend. Despite being strong, sporting the role, and confident in his abilities, Chad is far from arrogant.

two Renji Abaral: Virgo

Renji Abarai from Bleach

Renji wasn’t the nicest character at the beginning of the series, but most Virgos aren’t great first impression makers. Renji never liked Ichigo, and in classic Virgo style, he stubbornly clung to this idea. The headstrong nature of Virgos is one Renji often displays.

Virgos are known to be deep and loyal lovers, and this can be seen in Renji’s dedication to Rukia. He was willing to throw off his defenses against Ichigo if it meant that Ichigo could save Rukia from her execution. Despite considering Ichigo his enemy at the time, he still asked Ichigo for help. For Renji, there was no one more important than Rukia.

1 Uryu Ishida: Scorpio

Ishida is easily one of the most complex characters in Bleach. Like Quincy, he was made to be the enemy of the Shinigami. But despite being a Quincy, he finds himself helping Ichigo throughout the show. Save countless friends, Shinigami or not. This is an expression of the loyalty of a Scorpio. Ishida is able to put aside his differences for his friends, not that he admits it.

In addition to loyalty, Scorpios are known to be reserved. Ishida knew that Ukitake was partially lying about the Soul Reaper pass, but did not notify Ichigo. He also manipulated the fight against Yammy to lean in favor of Ichigo and Orihime. His intriguing and reserved nature rightfully earned him the position of BleachHe is the most psychopathic character.

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