Bleach: The Cruel Science of Zanpakuto from Captain Kurotsuchi, Ashisogi Jizo

Captain Bleach Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s fearsome zanpakuto, Ashisogi Jizo has special abilities rooted in brilliant but cruel science.

BleachThe combat system is largely based on soul-cutting swords, or zanpakuto, weapons usually wielded by the Soul Reapers. Like season 1 of Bleach As shown, zanpakuto are in the form of ordinary katanas and can be used as such, but a powerful Soul Reaper can wield special shikai or even bankai abilities. This includes Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Squad 12.

Some zanpakuto are of the melee type or have elemental attacks based on fire, water, wind, and more. Captain Kurotsuchi’s zanpakuto, Ashisogi Jizo, is based on cutting-edge science, and in fact his bankai is a living being. All of this makes Ashisogi Jizo easy to tweak and upgrade before battle, giving Mayuri a huge advantage over her opponents. Is that how it works.

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Science, Shikai and Bankai of Mayuri’s Zanpakuto, Ashisogi Jizo

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Captain Kurotsuchi’s zanpakuto is unusual in several ways. He is a curious and resourceful person by nature, not content to wield an ordinary katana in battle. His zanpakuto is even more like a living being than most others, and he can actually regrow his body if the hilt remains (a feat no other zanpakuto can match). Its sealed form is a katana, except that its hilt is wrapped in bandages and features several small spikes. Mayuri later modified this sealed form to contain a sensor, allowing the sword’s blade to move automatically and block an enemy’s attacks.

Once Mayuri says “Rip, Ashisogi Jizo”, the sword transforms and reveals its shikai. Its hilt will remain, but the blade turns gold and has three crooked prongs, making it look like a short trident. The body also features a mysterious baby face with closed eyes. This shikai can swing like an ordinary sword, but its special power comes into play when an opponent is cut or pierced. Ashosogi Jizo can sever the enemy’s motor nerves, rendering them paralyzed but alive, making them easy to capture and use as lab samples for Mayuri. That is the main use of Ashisogi Jizo in Bleach, and it is notable that this ability will not cut off the victim’s sensation of pain. This allows Mayuri to perform tests based on the subject’s pain response to various stimuli.

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The bankai of this zanpakuto, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo, was one of the most dramatic and terrifying throws made during the Soul Society arc. The sword returns to its original state when a strange and huge creature appears out of nowhere. It has an elongated body like that of a caterpillar, but its head is that of a human baby with yellow skin and blank white eyes. This bankai can simply crush or devour the enemy at will, but it can also emit deadly poisonous gas from its mouth to take down Mayuri’s enemies in moments. He can also produce dozens of swords in his chest with which to impale the enemy.

In particular, Mayuri will modify this bankai over and over again to improve it and keep her enemies guessing. After each battle, alter the composition of the poison gas so opponents can never create an antidote or develop an immunity. Mayuri also made Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo self-destruct if he somehow becomes a burden. Another modified version has 70,000 layers of ribs on its outer body. However, it is rarely used, as having nerves on the surface of your body causes you severe pain.

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Mayuri’s Zanpakuto in bleach

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Mayuri’s zanpakuto is symbolic in Bleach, representing its user’s drive to become stronger and wiser, but never perfect. According to him, science is a bit paradoxical, it strives to improve and grow without ever reaching a perfect state, otherwise it becomes obsolete.

Captain Kurotsuchi’s first big fight was against Uryu Ishida during BleachArc of the Society of Souls. First, Mayuri used the weapons on her modified body, then she used her shikai to paralyze Uryu. However, Uryu countered this with a spirit rope technique to keep moving his body, so Mayuri then used bankai, trying to crush and poison Uryu to death. Uryu triumphed in the end, although he was dying from the poison gas and was only saved by the help of Nemu Kurotsuchi.

BleachThe Hueco Mundo arc saw Ashisogi Jizo’s next use, this time against Szayelaporro Grantz and her own zanpakuto, La Lujuriosa. The two science warriors fought back and forth, each trying to exploit the other’s abilities until Mayuri won by dispelling his possessed bankai and afflicting Szayelaporro with a mind-accelerating drug. Later still, Mayuri used the sealed state of Ashisogi Jizo to duel a possessed Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, and used the modified forms of his bankai to take on the Sternritter Pernida Parnkgjas and his nerve-based abilities.

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