Fans of the 90-day fiancé were shocked to see the photo of Jorge Nava’s girlfriend and baby mom Rhoda, with some claiming that she looks exactly like ex-wife Anfisa.

Previous 90 day fiancé Star Jorge Nava recently welcomed a young daughter with his girlfriend Rhoda Blua, who fans believe bears an uncanny resemblance to his Russian ex-wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko. Jorge, a California resident, met Anfisa on Facebook and, through many angry discussions, married her in season 4. However, “gold seekerAnfisa and Jorge separated after he was arrested and went to jail. When Jorge was released in 2020, he was also shocked 90 day fiancé fans by revealing that he had a new girlfriend. But with Jorge recently showing Rhoda on social media, fans realized he has a type.

After losing 120 pounds while serving time in prison, Jorge has flaunted his new physique on social media, attracting the attention of his new girlfriend Rhoda. Isolation came to Jorge and he decided to exercise and focus on his diet. In a recent video in which Jorge featured his baby mom and daughter Zara on his YouTube channel, Rhoda shared that she searched for him after seeing the viral photo of the orange jumpsuit and found they had a lot in common. The couple hit it off after Rhoda texted the 90 day fiancé fan favorite, and after doing Facetime and dating in Malibu, Jorge knew he had found love again.

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Rhoda, who goes by @msblua on Instagram, has so far earned over 32.5k followers with just five posts. His recent history was tagged “Palm Springs, California “ as it showed Jorge’s partner wearing a floppy hat and posing pretty for their selfie camera in a car. “She is good I must say” to 90 day fiancé fan commented on the story that was posted by @ 90dayheadlines. Another fan added: “Very pretty. “A TLC viewer observed that”has a type …“And a different comment pointed out,”It looks like Anfisa.

Jorge and Rhoda announced that they were expecting their first child together, six months after their release from prison in November 2020. Until then, fans had only seen glimpses of this mysterious Rhoda in Jorge’s stories, and never a photo of her face. . Little by little, Jorge began to show off his new girlfriend, and a pregnancy photoshoot with him pulling her hair also attracted attention after being tagged.disgusting”On social media. Ever since they welcomed baby Zara, the couple have been sharing regular updates on the little one online.

Meanwhile, Anfisa confessed not long ago that she maintains Jorge’s last name and that it is still his legal name today. Instagram does not allow Anfisa to change her username as she has a verified profile, and she also does not want to go through the hassle of changing it in her official documents until she remarries. According to her own updates, Anfisa appears to be dating someone new, but maybe she will follow in Jorge’s footsteps and keep it a secret until she has exciting news to share with him. 90 day fiancé fans.

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