Brock Lesnar’s new beard and ponytail look goes viral

WWE superstar and former UFC fighter Brock Lesnar goes viral after debuting with his new facial hair and ponytail combo.

Fighter turned American football player turned mixed martial artist turned fighter again Brock Lesnar has ditched the signature high, tight haircut fans are used to, opting instead for a blonde ponytail.

In a new batch of photos, Lesnar can be seen slaughtering a pig with the Beared Butchers. Lesnar himself sports his own facial hair, but it’s arguably the ponytail that gets the most attention.

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“Brock Lesnar Joins the Bearded Butchers!” Shared the official Twitter account of the brand. “Slaughter ties are what led Beast to spend a few days honing his slaughter skills as we show off techniques and tricks for this Viking. Full video hits YouTube so stay tuned !!!”

Following his amateur wrestling career and a stint at Ohio Valley Wrestling, Brock Lesnar became a star in the sports entertainment world after joining WWE’s main roster at 20o2. He quickly mastered both the Raw Y Slap rosters, winning multiple WWE championships before departing in 2004 to pursue soccer. After being eliminated from the Minnesota Vikings, he returned to wrestling (albeit on the independent circuit) before entering the UFC in 2006.

In 2012, Lesnar returned to WWE and has been hired primarily as a “special attraction” Superstar, even when he held major championship titles.

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