Marvel’s deadliest symbiote returns in Extreme Carnage Alpha with a new objective that could turn the monster into an even greater threat.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for VC’s Extreme Carnage Alpha from Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Marc Deering, Roberto Poggi, Guru-eFX, and Travis Lanham from VC.

The world has been shaken by the events of King in black, with the invasion of Knull that stoked fear and hatred for symbiotes among humanity. However, wherever there is a tragedy, there are those who seek to exploit it, and prominent figures have already begun to capitalize on the growing anti-alien sentiment. The worst of all these antagonists is Carnage, who has bigger plans for the world than anything he’s ever done before.

Carnage recently crawled from the depths of the water where the new King in Black left him for dead, but he has already begun his rise up the food chain. Not only has he risen from a mass of eerie tendrils through a series of aquatic hosts before returning to dry land, but, as Tony Stark explains to Flash Thompson, Carnage has made his way to larger and larger fish. Specifically, Tony is concerned about Senator Kane, who has decided to deliver his own presidential candidacy on a platform to rid Earth of all non-human inhabitants. When Flash goes to keep an eye on the senator at Tony’s behest, he soon realizes that things are already worse than he could have imagined, as Carnage has already formed his own army of disenfranchised symbiotes.

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During Kane’s rally, the Flash is surrounded by malicious symbiotes who yearn to tear him apart, and Senator Kane may host the worst of all. This wouldn’t be the first time Carnage has tried to make a slice of Americana for himself, having nearly done so in 2012. Carnage, United States by Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain, who saw the titular villain launch a takeover across the entire city of Doverton, Colorado. After claiming almost all of the city’s residents as his own, Carnage even managed to join several Avengers before he was finally defeated.

The damage Cletus Kasady was able to do to Doverton was enormous, making the prospect of him rising to the highest office in the United States was an even more terrifying threat. The fact that Carnage is playing on both sides of the field only increases that possibility, or at least puts him in a position to divide the general population as it suits him best.

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While there is no way to know exactly what Carnage has in mind, there is no question that it ends in death and destruction. Assuming the Flash is right and that Carnage has already teamed up with Senator Kane, he now has access to more resources than ever, not to mention the devotion of thousands upon thousands of followers who are eager to do something about the perceived alien. threat.

If the Flash can’t figure out how to get Carnage out of his most recent hiding place anytime soon, he might well be looking at two very different armies, both doing the orders of the same twisted master.

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