Cillian Murphy Horror Movies, Ranked (Including Quiet Place 2)

Cillian MurphyThe filmography of ‘can be considered quite diverse and extensive, with the Peaky blinders actor venturing into a series of stunning horror roles. Murphy is noted for bringing a certain sense of intensity to the big screen, which translates into a natural fit for most of his characters, as evidenced by his portrayal of Scarecrow throughout Christopher Nolan. The dark Knight trilogy, and Patrick ‘Kitten’ Braden in Breakfast on Pluto. Recently, Murphy recently appeared in a leading role in John Krasinski’s survival horror sequel, A quiet place, part II, giving life to a new narrative exploration of fatherhood.

However, A quiet place, part II It is not Murphy’s first foray into horror, as he is best known for his breakout role in the Danny Boyle film. 28 days later. Set in the wake of a viral outbreak of the Rage virus in Britain, 28 days later focuses on Jim (Murphy), who awakens to this heartbreaking reality from a coma, as he battles infected humans and the cruel machinations of human nature. Since then, Murphy has been an unstoppable force in both mainstream and independent cinema, broadening his scope through his role as Thomas Shelby on the explosively popular television series. Peaky blinders.

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While the list of horror movies starring Murphy isn’t long, these entries are pivotal in terms of the genre tropes they champion and the way different narratives play out their main roles. Some inputs, like Red eyeIt borders more on the sand of being a psychological thriller, although it contains slasher elements that make the film a necessary inclusion. Here are all of Cillian Murphy’s horror movies, including A quiet place, part II, classified.

6. Red lights (2012)

Written and directed by Rodrigo Cortés and starring Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Elizabeth Olsen, Red lights is a supernatural thriller that focuses on a frenzied murder mystery. Here, Murphy plays Tom Buckley, assistant physicist to psychologist Margaret Matheson (Weaver), who investigates allegations of paranormal phenomena in a murder case. After Matheson’s sudden death, Buckley becomes increasingly obsessed with investigating Silver (De Niro), a psychic intricately involved in the current situation. While critics called the cast “undeniably talented”, There is an overwhelming consensus that Red lights It doesn’t play well as a paranormal thriller, as the plot meanders aimlessly and doesn’t offer meaningful catharsis despite its many intricate narrative branches. Despite the decent performances, Red lights it fails, offers no excitement or entertainment through the many hackneyed horror tropes it clings to.

5. Retirement (2011)

Starring Thandiwe Newton and Murphy himself, this directorial debut from former film director Carl Tibbets is Withdrawal, a British horror thriller in which three survivors fight to escape from an island isolated from the rest of the world. Murphy plays London architect Martin Kennedy, who often visits a small, uninhabited island with his wife Kate (Newton) for recreational purposes. Things take a sinister turn on the island after the generator in the cabin explodes, leaving the couple cut off from the mainland in the presence of a mysterious soldier, who arrives ashore, wounded and unconscious. withdrawal It did quite well in terms of audience and critical appraisal, as the film is a tense-paced suspense thriller with consistent emotional implications. Claustrophobic paranoia plays a pivotal role here, working in tandem with the already tense dynamics. However, some audiences may find withdrawal predictable and tedious, especially when it comes to its central plot.

4. Red Eyes (2005)

Murphy takes center stage in Wes Craven’s psychological thriller, Red eye, where he plays the deceptively charming Jackson Rippner, who turns out to be a national terrorist who plans to assassinate Charles Keefe, the United States Under Secretary for Homeland Security. Caught in the nexus of this conspiracy is hotel manager Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams), who is threatened and intimidated by Rippner while aboard a red-eyed flight to Miami. Red eye features strong performances from both leads, especially Murphy, who plays Rippner with the same sinister charm and flair. From a narrative point of view, Red eye progresses smoothly, with McAdams performance keeping events grounded and plausible even as the action picks up.

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3. Sun (2007)

In Danny Boyle’s sci-fi psychological thriller Sunshine, Murphy dons the mantle of physicist Robert Capa, one of eight international astronauts responsible for piloting a colossal star bomb aboard the spacecraft. Icarus II. The ensemble cast of Sunshine includes Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis, Troy Garity, Hiroyuki Sanada, Benedict Wong, and Chipo Chung. Despite being part of such a diverse cast, Murphy stood out as the quietly perceptive Cloak, posing as the only one truly capable of understanding the nature of the mission and the scale of the star bomb. To prepare for the role, Murphy worked closely with physicist Brian Cox, who praised the former’s performance as “sparkly”. In terms of plot, Sunshine is a visionary odyssey, filmed with immense ambition and an eye for cosmic terror and beauty, with glimpses of madness and the meaning of being human. The film garnered mostly positive reviews and remains an exciting journey into the unknown.

2. 28 days later (2002)

Boyle’s 28 days later He revitalized the zombie horror genre, with his masterful portrayal of the collapse of society following the accidental release of a highly contagious virus. While the film focuses on four survivors, Murphy’s Jim takes center stage, from the first shots of him alone on the desolate streets of London to the very end. Be driven by character from the start, 28 days later he manages to establish an emotional connection with his titular characters throughout his narrative, infusing the survival scenario with real stakes and horrors. While the zombies function as the main antagonists, the focus of the terror shifts to the middle, which is a narrative decision that works in the film’s favor. Critics praised the performances of Murphy and Naomi Harris as they helped found the film, skillfully working together to invent a believable survival horror interspersed with moments of intimate beauty.

1. A Quiet Place 2 (2021)

A Quiet Place 2 - Cillian Murphy as Emmett

The 2018 sequel A peaceful place, A quiet place, part II follow the survivors of the Abbott family, who continue to navigate and survive a post-apocalyptic world infested with alien creatures with a keen sense of hearing. Cillian Murphy He fits into this survival horror in the form of Emmett, an old friend of the now-deceased Lee Abbott (John Krasinski), who is initially reluctant to offer the Abbott shelter in his underground bunker. A quiet place, part II is a harrowing continuation of its predecessor, managing to be a horror brimming with scares and heart. Murphy works wonders for the role of Emmett, as his character does not appear to be coerced or orchestrated in any way, but instead fits organically within the film’s narrative framework and overall themes. Given the immediate reality of the pandemic, A quiet place, part II It emerges as especially poignant, revealing the nooks and crannies of human nature at its best and worst.

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