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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Link Click episode 11, “Pinnacle of Light,” which is now airing on Funimation. It also contains a discussion on suicide and self-harm.

The final episode of Click on the link it leaves viewers absolutely stunned in the end. Donghua is known for its moments of suspense and Episode 11 is no exception: a new enemy appears and, in terms of skill, they seem to be on a similar playing field as Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang. And while the duo thought they had the upper hand, it turns out their dangerous new foe has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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Link Click’s time travel creates an alternate timeline

link click cheng xiaoshi catches liu min

Cheng Xiaoshi deduces that the duo’s time travel has created an alternate timeline, one in which he received the killer’s message on how to get a clue on Click on the link Episode 8. He also realizes that he himself is the one who gave this clue to the murderer. This killer doesn’t like to be provoked; he will be more likely to make mistakes in anger, so Cheng Xiaoshi wants to capitalize on that weakness. Using the ‘clue’, you will lure the killer into your photo studio and then force him to confess.

Fast forward to now: Cheng Xiaoshi materializes directly in front of the killer, who is armed with a knife, in the locked dark room. They fight but Cheng Xiaoshi soon disappears. Click on the link then it shows photos around the dark room that Cheng Xiaoshi had recorded earlier in the day; They were taken by multiple murder victims, and now he uses them to get in and out of the killer’s reach. Not deterred in the least, the killer begins to laugh, delighted to find a true friend. He soon realizes that Cheng Xiaoshi’s trick is activated by clapping his hands.

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Lui Min is unmasked as the serial killer

link click red eyes liu min

Going to the photos and seeing how the lives of the victims are cruelly cut enrages Cheng Xiaoshi, whose blows grow louder. Tearing off the mask reveals Liu Min, who turns Cheng Xiaoshi over and claims that he was not the one who killed those people, he is simply an agent. But then he admits that he was the one who killed them. There was no reason – Liu Min only did it for his own entertainment and the thrill of knowing that no one would ever catch him.

After receiving Lu Guang’s tip, the police arrive to arrest Liu Min. Despite being caught, he promises that he will meet Cheng Xiaoshi again and warns him not to cheat, probably referring to his confusion between the photos. In the interrogation room, Liu Min offers an alternative explanation: his friend was the one who killed all those people.

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Emma meets a tragic end

link click emma strangled crying

Although Liu Min confesses to killing many people, he still has an alibi in Emma’s case. A guilt-ridden Cheng Xiaoshi asks Lu Guang to allow him to return to the day Emma died, and he agrees. After Liu Min tried to strangle Emma and heard Cheng Xiaoshi scream, he returned to the car to take Emma to the hospital. Emma wakes up with a bruised throat, and when she tries to escape in the fray, the car crashes. Liu Min is seriously injured, but Emma manages to crawl out with the broken phone in hand.

Emma was a victim of circumstances. After landing a job as an assistant to the CFO in the city, she was unwittingly complicit in her new boss’s plans to steal money from Liu Min’s account, and had also been molested by the CFO. All he wanted was to take care of his parents … how did it end up like this?

Standing on the ledge of a bridge, he hears a voice calling out his name. Cheng Xiaoshi apologizes to her and explains that he is a time traveler and wants to make amends for his mistakes. Emma begs him to find a way to allow her to start over from the beginning and have a new life.

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link click red eyes qiao ling

Cheng Xiaoshi says that he has tried multiple times to change the past, only to fail, but he has learned that while there is nothing anyone can do about the past, it does not mean that they cannot have a better future. “Although there are times when we find ourselves in the dark,” he tells her, “eventually, we will meet people who will shine their light on us.” However, just when it appears that she has been saved, at the last second, her eyes flash red, the same red that appeared in Liu Min’s eyes and allowed her to stand up again despite being paralyzed.

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Possessed, Emma throws herself off the bridge. As he falls, the red fades from his eyes, returning to normal, but it is too late. At the same time, a possessed Liu Min strangles himself with his handcuffs. Cheng Xiaoshi returns to the present where Qiao Ling, her eyes also red, is standing over Lu Guang, whom she has just stabbed. She tells Cheng Xiaoshi that this is her punishment for breaking the rules of the game, a game that has now been restarted.

Click on the link It started out as a donghua of fantasy and mystery, but its latest episodes change the genre to horror and then, in episode 11, a psychological thriller. Meanwhile, the onslaught of plot twists at the end leaves viewers with a lot of questions and quite frankly some confusion due to how fast everything is. However, it is clear that we have not seen the last of Cheng Xiaoshi, Lu Guang (who is hopefully still alive) and his ‘new friend’.

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