Crime Scene Kitchen: Everything You Need To Know About Judge Yolanda Gampp

Yolanda Gampp is currently a judge at Crime Scene Kitchen. However, she may be best known for her deceptive cakes made to look like other objects.

Yolanda Gampp, also known as “the Beyonce of cakes”, currently starring as a judge on the baking competition series Crime scene kitchen. While Yolanda normally shows off her baking skills, she’s on the opposite side of the kitchen in this series, criticizing contestants about their desserts in this culinary guessing game.

Hosted by Joel McHale, Crime scene kitchen it is truly unique. The show follows contestants in a team of two who decode the kind of dessert made in a kitchen using just crumbs, some toppings, and other clues. They then have to create the dessert that they think the candy is based on the clues. Yolanda and Michelin star chef Curtis Stone are the judges. Curtis and Yolanda know what dessert the contestants should be making. They determine the winner taking into account both the precision of the dessert and the taste.

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Fans may know Yolanda for her popular Youtube series, “How to bake a cake”. With over 4 million subscribers, Yolanda has built an empire by making novelty cakes that look like other objects. Some of his most viral videos include cakes that look like a Popeye chicken sandwich, sushi, a swimming pool, a watermelon, and a hamburger. The web series offers step-by-step tutorials on how to create eye-catching cakes. Yolanda has become so popular in the baking community that she created a second YouTube channel called “How To Cake It Step by Step” and now offers live baking classes, courses, and a cake decorating masterclass on her website. .

Inspired by her father, who was a baker, Yolanda started baking at a young age and remembers making her first cake at age 13. He attended the George Brown Culinary Arts Program in Toronto in hopes of becoming a chef, but soon found that he preferred baking to cooking. After graduating, Yolanda focused on baking and got a job at a bakery to hone her skills. Focusing on entrepreneurship, the cake queen built a strong clientele and left her job at the bakery in 2005. Yolanda’s television journey began in 2012 when she starred in Sugarstars, a Food Network Canada program that highlighted Yolanda’s world-class baking skills (via To bake). However, the show only lasted one season before the network canceled it.

Shortly after the birth of their son, the creators and producers of Sugarstars contacted Yolanda to create a YouTube series. Unfortunately, “How To Cake It” was born. Yolanda channeled her 20 years of baking experience into the show that catapulted her to culinary fame. When asked what made her want to create novelty cakes, she said Sweety high she wanted a challenge. “I walked away from standard cakes because I wanted to challenge myself,” she said. It surely worked because Yolanda’s YouTube series continues to grow, as does her brand. He has created cookbooks, merchandise, and has won a Webby for best web series.

The success of “How To Cake It” has led Yolanda to other television roles, such as being a guest judge on the popular Netflix series. Overcome it! America’s Best Baker, Sugar Showdown, Y Cake wars. Crime scene kitchen it is the first program in which Yolanda serves as a permanent judge. This show is a big step in Yolanda’s career. Fans are looking forward to what he will cook up next.

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Crime scene kitchen airs Wednesday nights 9 / 8c on Fox.

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