Deadpool’s grossest murder is one fans will never see

Although Deadpool is known for his brutal murders, he is not completely amoral, which is why his worst crime is even more disturbing.

Even if dead Pool he is undeniably an antihero, he is far from amoral. Marvel’s famous Merc With a Mouth has its own sense of morality and nobility that typically makes it anything but the most brutal vigilante. Despite this, there are a few universes where Deadpool kills each and every Marvel hero, and one leads to a series of murders so disgusting and disturbing that they even shook Wade himself.

Coming from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic, Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe again sees Wade Wilson being brainwashed by a cabal of villains. As a result, while Wade sees himself hanging out and playing with his friends, the reality is that he is massacring Marvel’s greatest heroes. One of the first heroes he takes out is Spider-Man. In his head, Wade and Peter are participating in a food contest, while readers see the reality is that he teamed up with Venom to devour Spider-Man. Finally, Deadpool even uses Ultron as an Iron Man suit and completely wipes out the Avengers. Despite the brainwashing, a part of Deadpool knows what he’s doing. However, his grim work must continue. After ripping Ultron from his skin, Wade walks away to commit his darkest act of all time. He is going to kill the youngest Marvel heroes.

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In one of the most disturbing scenes ever put in a Marvel comic, readers see a cartoon version of the Power Pack, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Girl playing hide and seek with Deadpool. Although all the young heroes try to hide from Deadpool, he finds each and every one of them. In the world of cartoons, he labels, but in reality, he murders them all in cold blood. Eventually, with the worst past, readers finally see Deadpool in the real world. Surrounded by horrified onlookers and with just a glimpse of the fallen Devil Dinosaur, Deadpool remarks to himself that he’s glad he didn’t see it.

Worse than simply showing Deadpool slaying these young heroes, the comic is even more horrifying at filtering it through a cartoon world. By leaving it up to the reader’s imagination and implying the sheer terror these children feel, the horror is far worse than if it had been shown literally. Add to that the knowledge that, deep down, Deadpool knows what he’s doing and knows this cartoon world is fake, but he’s completely powerless to stop it. When Deadpool says “In this case … I’m glad … I’m glad I don’t know,” it’s one of the most heartbreaking things Deadpool has ever said.

Deadpool has often been dismissed as nothing more than a meme, and there are certainly times when that description fits. What Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe again However, it shows that there is a heart in the character. He may be a deranged mercenary, but underneath all his banter and meta-humor, he really cares for the other Marvel heroes and absolutely destroys him knowing he hurt so many innocent people. Deadpool The most heinous act will never be seen by fans, and that’s probably the way he prefers it.

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