Death Stranding’s Hideo Kojima disapproves of director’s cut title

Hideo Kojima says that Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is not an appropriate name, as it implies that the new content was removed from the original game.

According to Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut technically not a cut by the director of the original game.

Kojima’s disdain for the game’s title was broadcast on the director’s personal Twitter. Kojima explains that “a director’s cut in a film is an additional edit to a shortened version that was reluctantly released because the director had no right to edit it or because the running time had to be shortened.” According to Kojima, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut it does not fit this definition.

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“In the game, it’s not what was cut, but what was additionally produced that was included. Delector’s Plus? So, in my opinion, I don’t like to call ‘director’s cut,'” Kojima concludes.

Announced during Summer Games Fest 2021, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut expands on the original game through a variety of new mechanics and technical enhancements. As revealed during Sony’s recent State of Play exhibit, fans can look forward to new delivery methods, combat systems, vehicles and traversal methods, and several significant improvements to the game’s graphics.

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Based on what Kojima says, it appears that none of these additions were intended to be included in the original game, which was released for PlayStation 4 and later PC. Many of the updates are likely to come as a result of the superior hardware of the PlayStation 5.

Following its initial launch in 2019, Death stranded received generally favorable reviews from both fans and critics. Many praised the game’s often groundbreaking systems and compelling, but sometimes frustrating gameplay. Later, the game was ported to PC.

Developed by Kojima Productions, Death Stranding is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut launches for PlayStation 5 on September 24.

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