Does ‘The Matrix 4’ plot leak reveal a 60-year leap into the future?

While the surprise sci-fi sequel Matrix 4 It will be released later this year (and it would have been released by now if not for one annoying contagion in particular), we still know next to nothing about the movie. Well, all that could have changed, with a new rumor claiming to reveal several crucial plot elements that will see Keanu Reeves’ Neo make a triumphant return.

Potential SPOILERS follow, continue…

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According to sources, Matrix 4 It is reported to recover about 60 years after the events of 2003. The Matrix Revolutions. With the simulated world now rebooted, “there have been significant changes from the world we left last time. Not everyone is still alive and the ‘world’ has a divergent feel from the one Neo first entered all those years ago.”

This different world includes such intriguing details as Zion no longer exists, the remaining humans no longer live in fear of machines, and some even work with humans. The rumor also hints at the absence of the former leader, Morpheus, who has now passed away. Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobe has now taken her place, and the actress must be older for the film.

However, this peace between humans and machines is tenuous, with events leading up to Neo’s return. While it is unknown how (or if) he will revert to his real life form, “Neo will work to unleash a version of Trinity from the existing Matrix.” Played once again by Carrie-Anne Moss, Trinity has undergone some substantial changes and is now called Tiffany and “leads a very ‘normal’ life with her husband and children on the show.” On Matrix 4, Neo will fight to free “Tiffany” from Matrix, with the rumor that The One is acting the same way Morpheus did all those years ago.

The last detail concerns Neil Patrick Harris’s role in the proceedings, with the actor playing the analyst, a new take on the jargon and exposition that The Architect pours out, and Harris’s character is said to have helped create peace between. machines and humans. It’s not yet clear if The Analyst is really the villain of the piece, but that wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Now, it’s worth noting once again that these are all rumors currently. However, in general, it all sounds very plausible. Switching Neo to the guiding role, Morpheus-style, and thus making Trinity the main character would certainly be a slightly different way of approaching the story and thus hopefully justifying a sequel to all of these. years later. Withdrawing that long later would also allow the director, Lana Wachowski, to play a lot more with the universe, so that makes sense too. However, it’s worth noting that these rumors barely mention any of the new characters other than Neil Patrick Harris.

Putting Neo and Trinity once again at the center of the story follows what Keanu Reeves has revealed from the movie in the past. The actor has described the fourth Matrix film as a “love story”, as well as giving us an idea of ​​the direction of the long-awaited sequel. “We have a wonderful director, Lana Wachowski, and she has written a beautiful script that is a love story, it is inspiring,” Reeves said. “It’s another version, a wake-up call and has a great action. Everything will be revealed.”

The public doesn’t have to wait much longer to find out if any of this is true, with Matrix 4 Warner Bros. Pictures is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 22, 2021. The film will also air digitally on HBO Max in the United States for one month from that date. This comes to us from Freakin giant robot.

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