Dragon Ball: the 10 most beautiful things Frieza did

Few villains in the Dragon Ball franchise are as evil as Frieza, the emperor of Universe 7. He is one of the most dangerous enemies of the Z Fighters, and returns in multiple forms during the series to threaten peace throughout the universe.

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Despite his vile nature and his status as one of the most menacing enemies to appear in the anime series, Frieza can act well on occasion. During these moments, he inadvertently helps the Z Fighters or actively helps them protect the universe.

10 Allow Goku to become Super Saiyan

Goku first time super saiyan

Fans meet Frieza for the first time in Dragon Ball Z during the Namek Saga when living Z Fighters travel to Namek in search of Dragon Balls to revive their fallen comrades. It is there that they meet Frieza, who is also looking for the dragon balls so that he can wish for immortality.

In an attempt to stop Frieza, Goku hits him with the Spirit Bomb, which seems to end the fight. However, while Frieza is badly damaged by the explosion, he somehow manages to survive. Frieza proceeds to seriously injure Piccolo and kills Krillin, causing Goku to rage. Inadvertently, Frieza’s villainy allows Goku to unlock his power and become a Super Saiyan in an undoubtedly iconic scene, ultimately allowing him to defeat Frieza and sending him on a path to become even stronger.

9 Doesn’t train before attacking Namek

Frieza never trained before Namek

Frieza is one of the most powerful villains in the world. Dragon Ball franchise. The first time the Z Fighters meet him on Namek, Frieza’s base power is around 530,000, and even in this form, he is more than a match for all Nameks and most of the strongest warriors on Earth.

While he is eventually defeated after Goku goes Super Saiyan, the fight may not have turned out in the Z Fighter’s favor if Frieza took the training more seriously. On Resurrection fFrieza admits that he never trained a single day in his life prior to the events on Namek. Frieza’s arrogance is what allows the Z Fighters to be able to defeat him, which is nice in a roundabout way.

8 Choose not to revive King Cold

Mecha Frieza and King Cold

King Cold is Frieza’s father and the former emperor of Universe 7. As the shadow boss of the Frieza Group, he is indirectly responsible for all the cruel acts carried out by Frieza and the other members of his family. He is first introduced to the beginning of Trunks Saga when he and Mecha Frieza travel to Earth to exact revenge on the Z fighters.

Fortunately, Future Trunks, in one of his best episodes, kills King Cold and Mecha Frieza before they can harm anyone on Earth, but it is actually Frieza who permanently ends the threat he poses. After being revived, Frieza chooses not to resurrect his father and, although his motives are less than pure, he still prevents the universe from having to deal with his father’s power.

7 Struggles for Universe 7

Team Universe 7

Due to the success of the Tournament of Destruction, Zeno and Future Zeno decide to organize the Tournament of Power and pit the strongest warriors in each universe against each other. Eight of the twelve universes of the multiverse send ten warriors to participate, with the fate of each universe at stake.

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Many of the Z Fighters end up joining the Universe 7 team, but the most unlikely member to join the team has to be Frieza. Goku travels to Hell to recruit Frieza, who is initially hesitant to join the team. Despite being saved by joining the team, Frieza didn’t have to participate in the tournament, making their deal to fight for Universe 7 easily one of his best moments.

6 Accept Ginyu’s back with open arms

Ginyu and Frieza reunited

Captain Ginyu is one of Frieza’s most powerful and loyal subordinates. He is the only one of Frieza’s henchmen to survive the events on Namek after he switches bodies with a frog using his Body Switch technique. It remains in this form for years until the events of the Golden Frieza Saga when Frieza returns to Earth to exact revenge on the Z Fighters.

After changing bodies with Tagoma, perhaps one of the worst things he did in his life, Ginyu joins Freeza’s forces and reveals his identity. While Frieza is initially skeptical, Ginyu confirms his claim by making his trademark pose. Rather than punish Ginyu for his failure on Namek, Frieza welcomes him with open arms and assigns him the task of killing Gohan, which is pretty decent by Frieza’s standards.

5 Betray Frost

Frieza and frost

Frost is the emperor of Universe 6 and one of the strongest warriors to compete in the Tournament of Power. He poses a serious threat to Universe 7 in the tournament due to his strength and cunning. However, in one of the series’ biggest twists, Frost is undone by his Universe 7 counterpart, Frieza.

During the tournament, Frieza and Frost converse with each other and briefly appear to form an alliance. In reality, their alliance is a giant ruse, and Frieza ends up pulling Frost out of the arena after tricking him. In typical Frieza fashion, even when he tries to be nice, he ends up being mean.

4 Work with Team 7 to defeat Anilaza

Anilaza from Universe 3

The Universe 3 team includes some memorable characters like Paparoni and Catopesra, but no member stands out more than the warrior formed from the fusion of several of its members, Anilaza. Anilaza is Universe 3’s ultimate trump card in the Tournament of Power, proving to be more than just a match against members of Team 7.

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At first, the combined Z Fighters are barely able to scratch Anilaza, and the monstrous creature nearly knocked Goku out of the ring. This brings Frieza into the fight, allowing Team 7 to go on the offensive. While Android 17 is ultimately the one that disables Anilaza, victory would have been nearly impossible without Frieza.

3 Energizes Goku in the Tournament of Power

Frieza gives ki to Goku

Around the midpoint of the Tournament of Power, Goku is exhausted from using his fight with Jiren and from using his Ultra Instinct form. It is at this moment that Frieza corners him, who fires a blast of energy at the defenseless Z Fighter in what appears to be a devious act of revenge.

It turns out that Frieza’s ki blast heals Goku, allowing the weakened hero to regain enough strength to move freely. This is Frieza’s way of paying Goku for sharing his ki during their first fight on Namek years before and it is one of the most selfless acts that Frieza has ever committed in the series.

two Help Goku after he loses his memory

Frieza helps Goku

In addition to transferring energy to Goku in the Tournament of Power using his ki blasts, Frieza also aids the strongest warrior on Earth by providing him with crucial information. After his fight with Jiren, Goku is completely exhausted and temporarily loses his memory due to the effects of his recently unlocked Ultra Instinct form.

Instead of leaving his former nemesis clueless, Frieza does the right thing and informs Goku about his battle with Jiren and his new form. This move was completely unnecessary, but it certainly helped Goku immensely, as it gave him the information he needed to later use the form again and secure a victory for Universe 7.

1 Coordinate with Gohan to defeat Dyspo

Frieza helps Gohan

In the final moments of the Tournament of Power, Frieza faces off against Dyspo, the fastest warrior in Universe 11. Dyspo’s speed forces Frieza to turn into Golden Frieza, but, even in this form, he cannot keep up with the pace. Dyspo speed. Just before being knocked out of the ring, Gohan comes to Freeza’s aid, much to Freeza’s surprise.

Although Frieza taunts Gohan and hints that he might betray him, he does no such thing and instead coordinates with Gohan to defeat Dyspo. After locking Dyspo inside a cage made of ki rays, Gohan grabs Dyspo, giving Freeza the opening he needs to get them both out of the ring. Such coordination with the Z Fighters is rare for Frieza, making it one of his best moments.

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