Each Pokémon game ranked, based on Nuzlocke difficulty

For those who want to take their Pokemon Travels to the next level, the Nuzlocke Challenge is a permanent game in which a Pokémon that faints is considered “dead” and must be freed. This can make the series’ challenges even more difficult, although not all Pokemon The game is equally difficult to complete.

Those looking to try a Nuzlocke challenge for the first time may not know where to start. While some may want to start with an easier game, others may want to jump straight to the harder one. Pokemon play. This is how all the mainline games are ranked in terms of Nuzlocke difficulty, from easiest to hardest.

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12. Pokémon X / Y and Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire

Nuzlockers tend to split when it comes to the last entries on this list, although most agree. Pokemon X and Y Y Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are among the easiest Pokemon games to beat. The easier Gen VI difficulty has less to do with actual coach fights and that the Nuzlocke playstyle makes these games incredibly simple, even if EXP Share is off. This is because the level curve for Wild Pokémon and Trainer Battles assume that the player will use EXP Share instead of routine levels.

11. Pokémon red / blue / green / yellow

The original three Pokemon The games have simple mechanics that an experienced player can easily take advantage of. Also, the trainer’s AI and non-linear storyline make them pretty easy for Nuzlocke. That said, they still have tough trainer battles, including Giovani’s final battle and the champion’s fight against the player’s rival.

10. Pokémon Gold / Silver / Crystal

Gold and silver be above the originals, with fewer feats and twice as many Pokémon in the Pokédex, opening up a new level of strategy for Nuzlockes. However, Wild and Trainer Pokémon are kept at a surprisingly low level for most of the game. This makes the routine more difficult, but it also means that players will not face as many difficult challenges in encounters.

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9. Leaf Green / Fire Red Pokémon

The Generation III remakes of Red and blue Raise the difficulty with improved trainer AI and new mechanics that increase the complexity of battles. However, the inclusion of VS Seeker, which allows the player to fight the trainers again, makes the routine quite easy. More experienced Nuzlockers have also noted that Leaf green and fire red they are not as linear as others Pokemon games, providing more options when it comes to catching and leveling Pokémon.

8. Pokémon Sword / Shield

The biggest challenge with Sword and shield It comes from some select gym leaders, as well as Nuzlocke rule changes. The introduction of the Wild Area meant that players had to rework the “one catch per area” rule at the core of a Nuzlocke. The wild area and max raids can also cause players to encounter higher-level Pokémon than their own can fight.

7. Pokémon Sapphire / Ruby

Ruby and sapphire make great entry-level Nuzlocke games for a long time Pokemon fans. In fact, Ruby it was the first game to be Nucklocked. These titles aren’t too difficult, but they still feature many of the game’s core challenges that make Nuzlocks difficult but fun. Knowing what Pokémon trainers have and planning them is quite important. For first-time Nuzlockers entering the game with a decent understanding of Pokémon mechanics, these Generation IIIs offer a low-stress experience.

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6. Diamond / Pearl Pokémon

The core Generation IV games are more difficult due to a tough champion fight against Cynthia, as well as a limited pool of Pokémon for team building. It’s also important to mention Team Galactic here, as some of their administrators are known to be career killers. Diamond and pearlNuzlocke is a bit more difficult than Ruby and sapphireIt’s because players have fewer team options.

5. Pokémon Emerald

Emerald It is harder than Ruby and sapphire mainly due to some rebalanced teams. The leading gym team, Tate and Liza, is known for being one of the toughest gym battles in the world. Pokemon And even early gyms like Brawly’s can give players a hard time. EmeraldThe contour line is also seen as steeper, further cementing the need to grind levels at Nuzlockes.

4. Platinum Pokémon

Platinum is miles above the difficulty of Diamond and pearl when it comes to Nuzlockes. Although there are more Pokémon for players to use on their teams, this very fact makes trainer fights more difficult. Cynthia is still challenging, and the Cyrus’ Distortion World fight is famous for its difficulty. General, Platinum Pokémon it really shows how difficult a Nuzlocke can be.

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3. Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon and Sun / Moon

Without a doubt, Generation VII games, particularly Ultra sun Y Ultra moon, they are the toughest modern Pokemon games. Island challenges can easily end races, and the switch to the gym battle formula throws a lot of classic Nuzlocke strategies out the window. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon They offer unique and generally refreshing experiences, and those translate into their Nuzlocke difficulty.

2. Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver

Everything you do Gold and silver difficult applies to his remakes of Generation IV. However, a much more difficult post-game Kanto region and a red battle catapult these games ahead in terms of difficulty. There are very few opportunities to grind without risking a Pokémon fainting, and grinding is almost necessary for high-level Kanto fights. Even seasoned Nuzlockers have trouble with Kanto after the game.

1. Pokemon Black / White and Black 2 / White 2

PokemonGeneration V games are the hardest of all for Nuzlocke. From grueling rival battles, gym leaders, and the introduction of challenge mode to Black 2 and White 2, these are some of the hardest games around Pokemon Serie. Those fans who dare to take on these games with the Nuzlocke rules and win, will have proven to be truly Pokémon Masters.

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