Exclusive: Valiant HARBINGER # 1 Release Date and Covers Revealed

Valiant Comics has revealed new details about their new chapter in Jackson Lanzing, Robbi Rodríguez and Collin Kelly’s The Harbinger series.

Warning! Spoilers for Herald # 1 by Valiant Comics below.

The Herald returns with a new series from Valiant Comics, and Screen Rant has a fresh look at the next title, as well as details on the release of the first issue. The next The Herald # 1 by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Robbi Rodríguez, Rico Renzi and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, will introduce Peter Stanchek, who becomes the most powerful telepath on the planet and will detail his rise to become one of the greatest heroes of the world. Land.

Last year, Valiant Comics revealed a new series for its iconic hero, which will take the popular character in a new creative direction. The Harbinger series first debuted in 1992 and was created by Jim Shooter and David Lapham. Focusing on a group of beings with incredible psionic powers, they attempt to take down the evil organization of the Harbinger Foundation. Stanchek has led the previous two volumes of The Herald, with him fighting alongside a group of resisters. Additionally, the characters Livewire and Faith have starred in their own eponymous Valiant series.

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The Herald reunites the creative team of Lanzing, Kelly and Rodriguez and will focus on Stancheck, who is the only person who can bring out the powers of other people like him. Lanzing admitted that he channeled real-life anxiety about the state of the world to tell a story about “responsibility, redemption, and renewal.” He called the series a test of “guilt, fear and self-judgment.” Look at the main cover of Rodríguez.

Three years of work at THE HARBINGER started with two words: be better. From there, Robbi, Collin, and I funneled every bit of our anxiety about the state of the world and our own shattered psychology onto the page, and found in the storm a story about responsibility, redemption, and renewal. This isn’t just a re-release of Valiant’s mightiest hero and it’s not just “punk rock superhero Akira,” though they certainly are both. At its core, THE HARBINGER is an examination of how guilt, fear, and self-judgment, those things that so often push us to the ground, can provide us with a vision of ourselves that can help us fly. This is a story that gives Peter Stanchek a new mission, a new community, and a new sense of himself … if he’s strong enough to face and reconcile with the worst parts of himself along the way.

Take a look at the variant cover of Rod Reis.

Lanzing said he is excited to be working alongside Rodriguez, best known for his work on the co-creation of Spider-Gwen for Marvel Comics, as well as with colorist Rico Renzi. He said that the creative team has really done a great job of telling an innovative new story that will be unlike any other book on the shelves.

As for the visual storytelling, the team Valiant has assembled around The Harbinger is simply amazing. Robbi Rodríguez is known for his wild style, but you’ve never seen him do anything like this. Rico Renzi’s colors are stellar, vibrant and groundbreaking when it comes to visualizing psychotic power, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou is bringing every word to life with his signature limitless creativity. From the story to the art to the lettering, the entire team is dedicated to making The Harbinger unlike any superhero book on the shelves.

Here’s Chris Delara’s variant cover for The Herald # 1.

Kelly said it was important to capture Peter’s new sense of self and deconstruct the character for a new audience. He described the hero on a quest to find out who he is, what shadowy figure stole his memory, and how he can become a better hero.

To help Peter capture this new sense of himself, we needed to disarm who he has been. When we meet Peter, he is naked and alone, with no memory of who he is or the life he has led. Like a blank slate, you will recommit to the awesome power at your fingertips … and you will discover the responsibility you have towards the psycho population of Chicago, a population that has been isolated by the city, the police have done. a blind eye to your safety. . When a new group of “heroes” begins to make this community his personal hunting ground, and a dark figure begins to stalk his footsteps, Peter will begin a quest to discover who he was, who took his memories … and how he can to be. best.

Take a look at Damion Scott’s reserve variant.

Valiant Comics have really upped the ante when it comes to their newest versions of their iconic heroes. In recent months, they released new books on Wild, Ninjak, Shadow man, and have an amazing new style in the Ninjak Serie. The Herald de Lanzing, Kelly, Rodriguez, Renzi and Otsmane-Elhaou seeks to continue the strong rise and reinvention of beloved heroes in Valiant. The Herald is scheduled to hit comic book stores on October 27, 2021.

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