Family Guy Knows Star Wars Better Than The Simpsons

Aside from not being very funny, the Star Wars parody of The Simpsons is more of a marketing gimmick for Disney +, while Family Guy were faithful tributes.

The Simpsons‘2021 Star Wars parody, The force awakens from his nap, pales in comparison to the efforts of Family man for many reasons. The first’s animated short was released on May at Disney + to commemorate Star Wars Day. However, what could have been a fun mix of two iconic pop culture franchises fell drastically short of the mark.

The Simpsons He has successfully fooled dozens of movies and TV shows throughout his 32 years on the air, but he struggled with his silent parody involving Maggie in the Jedi preschool of Jabba’s Hut. Family man It has already beaten the brand with its three-hour specials, which tell the events of the entire original trilogy. Collectively known as Laugh Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy And released between 2007-2010, the title joke alone is a clear indication of the thought put into the show’s ambitious creator Seth MacFarlane. Star Wars crosses.

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Arguably the main reason Family man succeeded where The Simpsons The fault is in the different tones of the parodies. The first gives the impression that the members of the creative team are big fans of Star Wars, even using Return of the Jedifake job title, Blue harvest, like the name of your first installment. Unlike, The Simpsons It has no greater knowledge of George Lucas’s Space West movies beyond the obvious tropes and a little fun attempt to cash in on Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm. The SimpsonsIt is true that the parody is much shorter, lasting only three minutes, but that is no excuse for the lazy cameos and the lack of a clear creative goal.

The force awakens from his nap it’s just not particularly fun. Although it was only a short film, there were still plenty of opportunities to make fresh and humorous observations about it. Star Wars galaxy. Instead, the parody is treated as an excuse for an endless parade of Star Wars Cameos from the likes of BB-8, Lando, Obi-Wan, and General Grievous, something for which the fan-service-dependent sequel trilogy has already come under fire. The use of carbon freezing as punishment for the bad behavior of babies and the artists’ sketches on the end credits similar to The mandalorian They are nice details, but there is nothing really new at all. The random multi-track insertion of John Williams’ famous movie soundtrack feels added compared to Family manIt is the way to pay tribute to the cinema. Standing in front of the binary Tatooine sunset, Chris Griffin’s Luke recreates an iconic scene, before the orchestra is shown on screen in a fourth wall breaking moment that evokes great parodies like Hot saddles. General, Family man incorporates much more Star Wars inside jokes, while also faking people like Dirty Dancing and injecting real-world political commentary throughout the fascist Empire.

Aside from his obvious attempt to promote so much The Simpsons Y Star Wars content on Disney +, the animated short doesn’t bother to integrate its characters into the world of Star Wars. The parody turns Maggie’s enemy, baby unibrow Gerald Samson, into Darth Maul, but misses an opportunity to bring in other Springfield residents. Meanwhile, Family man correctly describes the original trilogy, while still poking fun at Star Wars‘weaker moments and find fun ways to include your many comedy characters. Casting Peter Griffin as Han Solo and Ernie the Giant Chicken as Boba Fett provides a fun nod to their rivalry in the sitcom without detracting from the story. Family GuyThe skits feel like they exist in the universe George Lucas created, while The Simpsons‘short is nothing more than a marketing tactic.

Despite Family man being known for his crude humor, the Star Wars the parodies are surprisingly true to the original material. The Simpsons‘the lack of imagination is disappointing, given that they have referenced Star Wars on many occasions, since Homer spoiling the end of The Empire Strikes Back for the entire crowd lined up in a theater, even saving Mark Hamill from a riot during a science fiction convention. By last, Family man It shows that parodies cannot be successful without sincerely honoring their origin.

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