Five games inspired by the Silent Hills PT demo

Although Konami’s Silent Hill project with Hideo Kojima only went as far as the PT demo, it inspired a number of games looking to deliver what they couldn’t.

Fans have been clamoring for a new Silent Hill game since they had an idea of ​​what it would look like with the infamous PT manifestation. Some titles have taken advantage of this commitment by implementing features inspired by Konami’s lost games. Silent Hill qualification. Although Konami Silent Hill project with Metal Gear SolidThe creator of Hideo Kojima, did not produce a complete game, the PT the demo was enough to ignite the passions of the fans.

Those fans are lighting up the internet again, as the indie project Abandoned is being accused of being a secret run by Hideo Kojima Silent Hill qualification. While the teams behind Abandoned I keep insisting that it is a project that is not related to Silent Hill, those who seek to rekindle their spirits of terror by following PT you have many options.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Despite the reactions to PT demo, it was shocking to hear that Capcom’s Demonic resident The series would ditch the over-the-shoulder gameplay of previous titles and move to a first-person perspective. The game would also take various notes from PTthe tone, adopting a gameplay more focused on slow and careful exploration as opposed to the franchise’s more recent action approach.

The bet paid off; Resident Evil 7: Biohazard it quickly became a hit with gamers and critics alike. The game details the protagonist’s (Ethan Winters) deadly encounter with the Baker family on their Louisiana estate while searching for his missing wife. Although played from a first-person perspective, the title offered a return to form for Demonic resident, reminding gamers that Capcom could still make stellar horror games. The success of the title led to a direct sequel, Resident Evil Village, continuing Ethan’s story and linking the narrative to the great franchise.

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Layers of fear

Layers of fear is a first person psychological horror game. Once described as “PT on drugs, “the title requires a lot of experience PT in love with the players and makes it a complete game. The environment is in the limelight, letting the environment and mood do much of the heavy lifting. most of Layers of fear revolves around exploring an ever-changing mansion while solving puzzles and locating important items. Similar to titles like Amnesia or SOMA, combat was not the focus of the game.

The narrative revolves around a painter who returns home in the 1920s with the intention of finishing his masterpiece. However, when the artist begins to paint, he begins to have hallucinations. What follows is a macabre delving into the history of man and mysterious revelations about his masterpiece.

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Inner evil

Evil Inside gameplay

Inner evil is one of the more recent attempts at a title that delivers what got so many excited when they played PT Functionally, it looks a lot like Silent Hill demo, it only became a title of just over an hour. The game relies heavily on claustrophobic navigation and ghostly entities, which provides plenty of scares. Thin hallways will be a common sight as players navigate the protagonist’s two-story home. Although it is the size of a bite, it will scratch the itch of anyone looking for something like PT

Inner evilThe story details Mark’s attempt to uncover the truth behind his mother’s murder. With his father implicated and arrested, Mark has too many questions that he thinks will go unanswered. Determined to discover the truth, Mark tries to contact his mother using a Ouija board, but discovers that the truth can be maddening.

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Face playability

Expensive borrows a lot from PT demo, but add enough narrative ideas of your own to offer something unique to players. Much of the gameplay reflects PTincluding semi-modern residential settings, first-person perspective, and spectral entities, but it also adds a bit to the formula. Some entities can damage the player, and there is also a Sanity mechanic that works much like that of Amnesia the dark descent.

ExpensiveThe story takes a more biblical direction, bringing demons and ghosts into play in a world interspersed with hell. The game begins on a rather dark note, as the protagonist murders his wife and children before taking his own life. From there, he awakens and must traverse his changing home and explore the history of his past residents to discover the truth about himself.

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Don’t hit twice

Don't hit the gameplay twice

Don’t hit twice is a movie game and first person psychological horror experience. The title can be played in virtual reality on supported platforms, and that’s certainly the ideal way to experience the game. The option for non-VR players to get their hands on the game is good, but there are plenty of other options for a more traditional game. Offer some PT quality scares for VR gamers who want to get even closer to their fears.

Don’t hit twice swap thin corridors and ghostly owners for a vast mansion intertwined with an urban legend. The story follows a mother who tries to save her estranged daughter, Chloe. He must uncover the truth behind an urban legend and find a way to save his daughter from the clutches of the fearsome witch of Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga.

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