Genshin Impact: Every New Enemy Coming to Update 2.0

Genshin Impact’s new Inazuma region brings new allies and devastating new foes, pitting powerful monsters against players in a hostile nation.

Genshin impact Developer miHoYo recently livestreamed an overview of upcoming Inazuma content that will be added to the game in update 2.0, which will be released in late July. The region will have its own history to continue the game’s main quest line and expand the map far beyond its current borders. New characters, enemies, and stories will only continue to get better Genshin impact gaming experience and add to the activities currently available in the world.

In addition to expanding the map, Inazuma introduces a new story focused on the isolationist nation. The citizens of the new region have their visions confiscated and a Resistance is rising to oppose the Inazuman government (and by extension, Archon Baal). Genshin impact The Inazuma region brings new threats for travelers to face in combat during these mounting tensions. These creatures and enemies will use tactics never before seen in the game, and players will certainly have a lot of work ahead of them.

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While the new opponents revealed at miHoYo’s Genshin impact Update 2.0 is a new addition to the game, some of them have a familiar layout for existing enemy types. One of the new creatures is called Ruin Sentinels, which is a mechanical enemy that has an apparent relationship to the existing elite enemy type Ruin Guard. Ruin Sentinels come in several different forms that resemble different creatures (such as a coiled serpent, a heavy scarab, and a floating jellyfish). miHoYo confirmed that each of these Ruin Sentinel types will feature their own fighting styles, providing new challenges to Travelers whenever they encounter the wilds of Inazuma.

Genshin Impact’s Inazuma brings new threats to the game

Genshin Impact Next update Inazuma Great why

Genshin impact The Inazuma region will also provide a new set of Inazuman human enemies for Travelers and their companions to engage in combat. Scattered across the Inazuman Desert are gangs of ronin who have turned into a bandit lifestyle in order to survive. Wearing samurai-style armor with colors likely to reflect their elemental damage types, these hostile opponents will battle the Travelers with their swords and deadly abilities. Inazuma will also feature some traces of Fatui, one of the main antagonist factions within Genshin impact. A new agent will join Fatui’s arsenal in the form of Mirror Maiden. Mirror Maidens will use their illusion-based attacks and “Lovely beauty“to mislead and deceive his enemies.

Genshin impact The new update also introduces a new Hypostasis enemy in the form of the Hypostasis Pyro. Pyro Hypostasis appears as a floating cube with a glowing orb of energy in the middle. They dominate their opponents with fierce attacks and fast, erratic movements. Joining the fierce enemy is a mysterious mechanical opponent known only as the Perpetual Mechanical Matrix. This enemy will have the ability to transform into different forms during their combat against the Travelers and their companions. It is currently unknown what alternative forms the Array will have, but it will surely offer a new challenge for both seasoned and new players. The Maguu Kenki boss fight will also return in Genshin impact Inazuma from Update 1.6 and will appear in fixed locations throughout the region as a replayable boss.

The Inazuma update for Genshin impact has revealed tons of new features that are coming to the game soon. Players can expect a host of new challenges in the Inazuma region, both monstrous and human in nature. These creatures will undoubtedly contribute to making the region an interesting experience. miHoYo admitted that the revealed opponents weren’t the only new monsters to appear in Inazuma, and that Genshin impactThe world would only continue to expand in the future.

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