Gran Turismo 7 Beta Leaks Open to All PlayStation 5 Players

A new area of ​​the Experience PlayStation app points to a beta version of the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 that could be exclusive to PlayStation 5 owners.

PlayStation 5 owners will soon be in the driver’s seat for a Gran Turismo 7 beta testing according to a PlayStation website that may have skipped the starting line. The highly anticipated simulation racing game was officially announced in 2020 in the middle of the run-up to the PS5 only to finally see a delay in 2022. There has also been some confusion as to whether Gran Turismo 7 is it exclusive to PS5 or if it will also be released on PS4. With the continuing PS5 retail shortage around the world, it can be a situation where the publisher would be losing sales if the next big entry in their exclusive driving franchise was only on current-generation hardware.

Fans familiar with him Great tourism The series will recognize this setting for an exclusive pre-launch beta version of the last cycle, as Gran Turismo Sport had a similar early sign. In 2017, the game was announced and players were soon able to play an early version of the game after going through a few hoops. A beta for Gran Turismo Sport It made perfect sense considering how much was tweaked from the standard franchise formula, but it may have provided other insights that the developers at Polyphony Digital might want. Gran Turismo 7 also.

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As discovered by GTPlanet On Monday, Sony is apparently set to launch an online beta for Gran Turismo 7 which will be open to all PlayStation 5 owners. Access will run through the Experience PlayStation app, and those curious can still see the related Italia Quest on the website. After watching the game’s announcement trailer, the app spits out a code that supposedly unlocks the beta version earlier, though that code is currently a non-working placeholder in the store.

Screenshot of the PS5 Exclusive Gran Turismo 7 game

This whole part of the app seems to be some kind of test that was accidentally released to the masses, so it is quite possible that there is a Gran Turismo 7 beta could just be placeholder information. However, considering its similarity to the beta release of Gran Turismo Sport, it’s more likely that PlayStation just made a mistake and spread the word too soon. Considering the little Gran Turismo 7 The information that is currently known, a beta version that allows players to get their hands on the wheel would be seen as a good move by the racing game community. It would also be an opportunity for players to use Great tourism 7 to test the limits of the PS5, as proper technical showcases of new hardware have been in short supply for owners since the console’s launch.

Yes or no Gran Turismo 7 gets a beta on PlayStation 5 is still up in the air, but the excitement surrounding even a possible demo shows how much PS5 owners are looking forward to with the return of this feature franchise. While Xbox fans get a Energy almost every year, the Great tourism The series has been slow. This makes each game in the series feel somewhat fresh, but the years between driving experiences can be a pain for fans who just want to experience the latest in ultra-accurate motorsport simulation.

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