Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s most hidden minigame explained

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City included Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball, one of the lesser-known and simplistic minigames in the franchise’s long history.

The Grand Theft Auto The franchise is packed with minigames, ranging from full-featured missions to activities that feel more like an afterthought. Rockstar Games has continually pushed the limits of what can be included in an open world game as part of its quest to create a world that feels completely immersive. With all these added features, players are likely to miss out on a few, but this minigame in Vice city may be the best hidden.

Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball is a Grand Theft Auto minigame presented only in Vice city. There is almost no reason to find it outside of actively searching for it. The only time the game mentions it is in the statistics menu, where players can see their high scores. This can make it extremely unmissable, especially for casual gamers or newcomers who may not know how to look for it.

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In a way, this makes sense. Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball is incredibly simple. The entire minigame is just the player trying to keep a beach ball in the air for as long as possible. Using Tommy Vercetti’s head, players must position themselves under the ball to keep it in the air. There is nothing less complicated than that for GTA Minigames. Rockstar likely didn’t spend too much time developing the minigame, so it’s not surprising that the company just introduced it.

GTA: Vice City’s Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball explained

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Not only is the minigame simple, but Rockstar has also made it difficult to find. Beach balls only appear in two places in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Starfish Island and Vice City Beach. On the island, players will find the ball by the pool of the most northeastern mansion or in an empty pool next to the most eastern mansion. Meanwhile, the beach has some random spawn points, including the lighthouse and behind the Vice Point Langer building.

Even knowing where the beach balls are, they can be difficult to spot. The muted colors of the ball can blend in with its surroundings, especially with the PlayStation 2 graphics. Fortunately, the minigame is not tied to any progression in the game. The PS4 version has a trophy for bouncing the ball five times, but is otherwise nearly invisible.

Interestingly, players found text on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas files that seem to point to Keepie-Uppy almost being included in that game. For whatever reason, Rockstar didn’t include it in the final version, but it shows that the company recognized that some players loved the minigame. It has not been mentioned in the entries of any other series, but if the rumors about GTA 6 be in the present Vice city, players might finally get a chance to play a little more Keepie-Uppy than in just one Grand Theft Auto play.

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