‘Hit & Run’ Trailer: The Producers Of ‘The Killing’ And ‘Fauda’ Are Back With A New Thriller Series For Netflix


A new series called Hit & Run just released their first trailer of the producers behind Fauda Y the murder, which promises an exciting new international action series that could be Netflix’s newest nationwide hit. Lior Raz, Avi Issacharoff, Dawn Prestwich Y Nicole yorkin They are the co-creators and executive producers, with the latter duo also serving as showrunners for the series. Weather Hit & Run While it may sound like a straightforward revenge action thriller, the writers will prove that they can make audiences guess which direction the show will take.

The series follows the current life of family man and tour guide Segev Azulai, who is happily married to an American dancer and has a young daughter in Tel Aviv. His wife is killed in a hit and run, and Azulai suspects it was not an accident. Digging into his background with the help of his Israeli police detective cousin, an old friend and former lover, he discovers secrets his beloved wife kept from him. Azulai must also confront her own violent past as a former Special Forces soldier and protect her daughter from the threats her investigation uncovers. The international series stretches from Tel Aviv to New York, involving many different characters and nationalities in this tangled web of intrigue and suspense. Co-creator Raz plays Azulai, and joins Net Orbach, Kaelen ohm, Moran rosenblatt, Gal toren, Y Sanaa Lathan.

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Raz and Issacharoff are the creative team behind Netflix Fauda, an Israeli series that was based on their experiences in Israel Defense Froces, following a commander of the Mista’arvim unit as they hunt down a Hamas terrorist known as The Panther. The show received rave reviews and turned out to be an international hit for Netflix throughout its three seasons. However, there were some complaints about the tone, history, and perceived message behind Israeli history and its relationship with Palestine.

Prestwich and Yorkin served as executive producers on the US version of the murder, the highly underrated crime drama series on AMC and Netflix in the 2010s. Another international hit as the series was an adaptation of the Danish show. The crime, the murder followed the investigation into the murder of a local teenager, the family’s attempt to deal with their grief, as well as a political campaign that is involved in the case.

The combination of these dynamic creative teams can help Hit & Run become Netflix’s next crossover hit, particularly after the success of other international shows like Lupine Y Elite. The trailer offers a brief look at the series, which certainly highlights the intense action scenes and political intrigue. The use of a combination of languages ​​and international characters within the show promises something for every different type of audience, and the straightforward premise offers an easy and understandable entry point for viewers of all ages and nationalities. Hopefully, the plot and story of the thriller can provide enough twists and turns for this to be an engaging series spanning multiple seasons.

Hit & Run premieres on Netflix on August 6. Check out the first trailer below.

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