Hogwarts Houses of Scarlett Johansson characters

Scarlett Johansson is arguably one of the most popular actors of this generation. Known for character roles in films such as Lost In Translation, Jojo Rabbit, Y Marriage story, has also proven her prowess as a profitable star in large part due to her turn as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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In fact, she just reprized the role of Natasha Romanoff for her own money on her own, which is already a critical and commercial success. Given the diversity of Johansson’s characters, their roles feature several different traits, each of which could belong to a different Hogwarts House.

10 Black Widow: Slytherin

Scarlett Johansson as Nat in Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, is a highly trained assassin and secret agent who has proven extremely resourceful to both SHIELD and the Avengers. The MCU character often represses his emotions by focusing solely on his missions. As seen in Avengers Endgame, is also willing to sacrifice for the good of the world.

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Her tough exterior and the mystery surrounding her personal identity make her a perfect Slytherin. Furthermore, members of this House are also extremely loyal to their peers. The Slytherins appear to possess high levels of intelligence and cunning, and Romanoff must master both for his covert operations.

9 Mindy: Ravenclaw

Spongebob and Mindy in the movie Spongebob Squarepants

Princess Mindy is the daughter of King Neptune in the sponge Bob universe, debuting in The Spongebob Movie. Unlike her father, Mindy is compassionate to her subjects. She also upholds notions of justice, as she is even willing to criticize Neptune for her harsh punishments. His intelligence is also evident from his mastery of “mermaid magic”.

In addition to being highly intelligent, Ravenclaws have a moral code of ethics that they faithfully uphold. They also have good planning skills, as does Mindy’s strategies to regain Neptune’s crown by sending SpongeBob and Patrick to Shell City.

8 Maria Bolena: Hufflepuff

The other Boleyn starred Scarlett Johansson as Mary Boleyn, the sister of Anne Boleyn, the unfortunate wife of King Henry VIII. Maria, the king’s former mistress, is depicted as a shy and naive character. Coming from a simple background, she has proven to be genuinely kind and loyal unlike the selfish Anne.

Based on her devotion to the King (despite her ruthless nature), Mary can be classified as a Hufflepuff. Loyalty and compassion are often considered defining traits of this house, leaving little or no room for any conflict.

7 Nicole Barber: Gryffindor

Marriage storyNicole Barber is going through a great personal crisis when she and her husband Charlie agree to a divorce. Even though the couple had already faced problems on the professional front, Nicole finally asserts her own superiority and makes it clear to Charlie that they are no longer compatible with each other.

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Her direct personality and fearlessness make her an easy-going Gryffindor. She trusts what she wants unlike her partner, who is mostly insecure with his life decisions and also engages in an adulterous affair. Nicole, on the other hand, has a strong sense of right and wrong just like a self-righteous Gryffindor.

6 Charlotte: Slytherin

On Lost in translationThe otherwise intelligent and highly curious Charlotte is initially very insecure about her life. However, when she befriends an older actor, she also opens up to reveal an impulsive side to her life. This can be better understood from his random episodes of spontaneity.

Charlotte has several different traits, but her uncertainty and quarter-life crisis often lead to procrastination, making her a Slytherin. When it comes to their social interactions, Slytherins are also ambivalent. This means they may not open up to everyone, but will still form a deep bond when they find the right person.

5 Barbara Sugarman: Gryffindor

Don jon stars Scarlett Johansson as Barbara, a woman who believes in cinematic notions of romance. While dating the title character, Barbara continues her obsession with romantic movies. But when he realizes that Don Jon doesn’t seem to share similar emotions and instead struggles with his own addiction to porn, he fixes the loveless relationship.

Like a true Gryffindor, he is genuinely honest and straightforward with his own expectations of what he seeks in life. In addition to facing his problems head-on, his outgoing personality also allows him to express his problems as they are.

4 Olivia Wenscombe: Slytherin

Scarlett Johansson Hugh Jackman Prestige

Olivia Wenscombe serves as Robert Angier’s assistant on The prestige. Eager to decipher his partner Alfred Borden’s tricks, the magician asks him to build a relationship and work with Borden instead.

His role is definitely critical in deciding the fate of both magicians as the story progresses. Her sheer wit and ambition are what make her perfect for Slytherin. Additionally, Olivia also has a competitive nature as she sets out to prove her worth and abilities in both situations.

3 Rosie Betzler: Gryffindor

Even though his son turned to Nazism, Jojo RabbitRosie Betzler tries to lead a clandestine counterrevolution against the authoritarian fascist regime in Germany.

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In his dangerous anti-Nazi pursuit, he embodies the courage of Gryffindor’s courage. Although he knows the odds may not be in his favor, he still harbors optimistic dreams of resisting enemy forces in the midst of World War II. She is also shown to be a very caring person, as she can do whatever she can to protect her child.

two Lucy: Ravenclaw

Scarlett Johannson in Lucy

Lucy is a drug mule in Taiwan who reluctantly takes a drug that unleashes psychokinetic abilities. Turned into a superhuman, the protagonist relies not only on her enhanced physical strength, but also on her exceptional decision-making abilities. Whether it’s a threat, Lucy is mentally equipped to find a solution.

When it comes to intelligence, knowledge, and strategy, Ravenclaws are usually on top. Rather than relying on her emotions, Lucy also tries to find logical alternatives to any situation.

1 Samantha: Hufflepuff

Frame of her with a mobile phone receiving a call from Samantha.

In the tragicomic romance His, Scarlett Johansson gives voice to the artificially intelligent virtual assistant Samantha with whom a lonely and introverted man develops a romantic relationship. Samantha is shown to be very loyal to her lover Theodore Twombly despite technological limitations. She is so determined to impress Theodore that she even suggests using a surrogate instead to give herself a human form.

Feelings of loyalty and kindness make her a good-spirited Hufflepuff. Although Hufflepuffs may not have the highest levels of concentration, they are workers who are more than willing to adapt to others.

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