How Black Widow’s Rotten Tomatoes score compares to the rest of the MCU

Black Widow continues the Marvel Cinematic Universe tradition of fresh ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but how does it compare to the other MCU movies?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is back on the big screen with Black widow, whose rating of “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes marks the MCU’s 24th consecutive Fresh film in the franchise’s impeccable review history. It’s clear the MCU knows how to get in a big way with critics, even with MCU movies rated “worst” getting fresh scores, so how do you Black widow stack up to the other 23 movies in the MCU?

Black widow It was supposed to be out in May 2020 before it was pushed back to July 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now that theaters are beginning to return to normal, it is the first MCU movie to hit theaters since Spider-Man: Far From Home in June 2019, which is the longest gap between releases in MCU history. The box office is yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, so it’s hard to compare it to other MCU releases, but its Rotten Tomatoes score is certainly a return to the form of what people have come to expect from the Cinematic Universe of. Marvel.

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The Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer” is the distillation of each critical review submitted to the platform (322 so far for Black widow), effectively converting every positive review (no matter how positive) to a 100 (“recent”) and every negative review (no matter how negative) to a 0 (“rotten”), but the actual average of each submitted review as well is provided, as well as a breakdown between all critics’ scores and “Top Critics,” with a separate audience section. Obviously, the reviews are all subjective, so the mathematical score does not serve as a true or absolute measure of quality, but it reveals a lot about the sentiment of the critics and the audience, especially when you look at the data beyond the Tomatometer. So, with the MCU back in theaters, how do you Black widow critically compare with what came before?

How Black Widow’s Rotten Tomatoes score compares to the rest of the MCU

Black widowThe Rotten Tomatoes score is currently 80%, making it the MCU’s 22nd “Certified Fresh” movie (and 16th in a row to be “Certified Fresh,” with Thor: The Dark WorldNormal Fresh rating at 66%), which is an excellent review rating, but just shy of the MCU’s impressive 84% average. In fact, thanks to the MCU’s consistently high Rotten Tomatoes scores, Black widow80% is only good enough to rank 16th out of 24 movies. Technically Black widows The Rotten Tomatoes score is identical to Captain America the First Avenger‘s, but when you calculate the percentage of positive reviews to the second decimal place, it jumps ahead with 80.12% vs. 79.85%. It also opened at 83%, so it has already fallen slightly, but it is doubtful that much more will change in the near future with so many reviews counted.

Due to the way the Tomatometer works (which represents the number of positive versus negative reviews, regardless of the strength of the score), the average review score (the average of the actual scores submitted by the reviewers) does not always tells the same story. as with the Avengers, which has the seventh highest Tomatometer score in the franchise at 91% despite having the third best average review score in the MCU with 8 (out of 10); however, curiously, Black widowThe average review score of 7, which sits slightly below the MCU average of 7.26, puts it 17th, jumping Ant Manit is a higher average of 6.9 (despite its 83% higher Tomatometer score).

How Black Widow’s Top Critics’ Rotten Tomatoes Score Compares To The Rest Of The MCU

Black Widow Avengers MCU Characters

Black widowRotten Tomatoes’ Top Critics score is 74%, which is also just below the MCU average of 79%, and also ranks it at 16th in the MCU. Captain America the First Avenger, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Y Black widow they all share 74% on the Top Critics Tomatometer, but the full percentage calculation shows Black widow73.68% falls below Avengers: Age of Ultron73.81% and Captain America: His First Avengers«73.91%.

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Interestingly, Black Widow jumps to 12th place in the franchise if you rank by the average Top Critic score rather than the Tomatometer, with its average of 7 (identical to its average with all critics) beating the other films 74%, Ultron age Y Captain America, which did not see an average top crit drastically better than its Top Critical Tomatometer score. This means that while major critics entered their positive / negative reviews in a nearly identical ratio to those three films, their positive reviews for Black widow they were more positive and / or their negative reviews were less negative. Also remarkable, while Black widow It scored below the MCU average in all other categories so far, its Top Critic average is above the 6.92 average for the rest of the MCU.

How Black Widow’s audience review score on Rotten Tomatoes compares to the rest of the MCU

Black Widow and MCU Disney +

So far, audiences are much more positive for Black widow than the critics. It sits at 92%, which is good for fourth place in the MCU (below Spider-Man: Far From Home 95%, Captain America: Civil War at 92%, and Guardians of the Galaxy 92%). It’s also substantially above the MCU’s 82% average audience score. That said, Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score is by far the most volatile score, as it is vulnerable to brigadiers and can vary substantially over time as sentiment moderates due to more passionate audience reactions. the opening week. As an example, Ant Man Y Avengers Endgame both had the same 92% audience rating as Black widow at this point after its launch, but today those scores have cooled down to 86% and 90%, respectively.

Black widowThe average audience review score is even more extreme, putting it at 4.5 (out of 5), the second highest score in the MCU (and well above the 4.04 average), tied with Avengers: infinity war Y Avengers Endgame, with Spider-Man: Far From Home reaching the top with 4.6. Historical data is not available for this score, but it can be assumed that it is even more volatile than the Audience Tomatometer, as audiences tend to overuse more extreme scores (which is slightly moderated by the thumbs-up vs. thumbs down of the Tomatometer in this case).

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