How Dragon Age 4 Could Make Origins’ Zevran Vital To The Story

Zevran was the only Origins romance option not primarily featured in the main Inquisition storyline. Dragon Age 4 has a chance to make up for that.

The launch of Dragon Age: Inquisition saw the return of several notable characters from originsFrom small roles to big influences from history. In particular, three of the romantic options of Dragon Age: Origins Morrigan, Leliana, and Alistair played an important role in Inquisitionmain quest line. Notably, however, the remaining romance option, Zevran, was excluded. While players can find references to him in a couple of war table missions, he doesn’t even make a physical appearance. However, Dragon Age 4 it can, and possibly should, make up for its absence in the future.

In some cases, the role of different partners varies significantly depending on the world status imported to Dragon Age: Inquisition. Alistair, for example, will take on the contact role of Hawke’s Guardian only if he remained Gray Guardian at the end of Dragon Age: Origins instead of being king. Others, like Leliana, are more prominent permanent members of the Inquisition. There are even quite a few origins characters that can optionally appear in the last title of the franchise, such as Dagna, who can be recruited as an arcanist regardless of how her side quest was handled in the first game.

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Given how much focus the origins peers in particular have during Dragon Age: Inquisition, it came as a surprise to many players that the fan favorite character Zevran did not have a proper in-game appearance. Despite being mentioned in various war table operations, he is not even included in any proper side quests as he was in Dragon age 2. He is the only one origins romance to which this applies, which means that many fans of his story were disappointed by the decision. Fortunately though, there are a few reasons why it seems likely that it will return in Dragon Age 4, and BioWare arguably even has a chance to make it a major part of the story’s focus.

What DA4’s Antivan Crows Could Mean to Origins’ Zevran

How Dragon Age 4 Could Make Origins' Zevran Vital To The Antivan Crows Story

Little is known about the history of Dragon Age 4 currently, as the game will likely not be released until at least 2022. This is possibly due to the change in direction that occurred midway through development when EA lifted the live service multiplayer mandate, allowing BioWare to Dragon Age 4 to an exclusive title for a player. However, some trailers have been released, some of which point to possible main elements of the game’s story. For example, it seems highly likely at this point that Solas is the main antagonist of DA4, and it has also been confirmed that the game will take place in Tevinter.

One of those details included in these trailers was the inclusion of what appears to be Antivan Crows, an organization of assassins that Dragon Age: OriginsZevran is part of. If the Ravens will indeed play an important role in the events of Dragon Age 4It seems like a perfect opportunity for BioWare to refocus Zevran in terms of the overall story of the series. This could compensate for your absence of Dragon Age: Inquisition and give resolution to the players who fell in love with Zevran in Dragon Age: Origins, which helps bring the stories of the four romantic options from the original game to a more fitting ending.

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