How the crocodile Loki would actually look like in real life (not in the MCU)

Fan art imagines an Alligator Loki spin-off that makes the MCU character much more realistic (and somewhat less adorable).

Fan art imagine what Loki Alligator star Loki would actually be seen in real life (not in the MCU). Loki Unsurprisingly, it’s another huge success for Disney + and Marvel as they build the MCU in the streaming realm. And possibly the most popular breakout character on this breakout show has been Loki Laufeyson, aka Alligator Loki.

Clearly, someone at Marvel saw the massive viral response to Baby Yoda’s appearance in The mandalorian and I thought a similar tactic might work for Loki. So in episode 5, when Loki came across a motley group of pruned variants that populated the TVA dump at the end of time, one of them randomly was an alligator with Loki’s tiny horns. The arrival of Alligator Loki, who in fact proved to be far fiercer than his adorable appearance could have implied, did exactly what it was intended to do when social media exploded with joy over the most unlikely of Loki’s variants.

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Of course, in real life, alligators aren’t as cute as you can make them look like in a broadcast series. Fan artist Boss logic He has now created a more realistic and somewhat less adorable Alligator Loki while envisioning a spinoff series centered around the MCU viral star. See the image in the space below:

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Obviously LokiThe crocodile Loki is not as adorable as he seems. After all, he was pruned by TVA for eating a cat. And meanwhile Loki In the climactic fight scene of episode 5, the little boy showed some defined crocodile features brutally attacking the other variants, even biting President Loki’s hand.

On the surface, there’s an obvious comparison of Baby Yoda to Alligator Loki, and that comparison becomes stronger when you consider the character’s viral impact. But Baby Yoda, of course, was more than a gimmick in The mandalorian as he became a central character and even evolved throughout the show. However, it remains to be seen if Alligator Loki will ever get a commitment back in Loki or elsewhere in the MCU. The character looks a lot like a unique joke of the kind that appears often in Rick and morty, the program in which Loki Lead writer Michael Waldron began his career. And as fans of Rick and morty You know, those joke characters rarely come back, unless it’s as part of a meta-joke about how Rick and morty the characters never return. So the future doesn’t look so bright for Alligator Loki, but who knows what Disney and Marvel wizards have up their sleeve. There could still be more to explore for the viral Loki character.

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Fountain: Boss Logic / Twitter

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