How to fast travel in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Fast travel around the world is possible in Monster Hunter Stories 2, with the help of the Felynes and their helpful Catavan Stands.

Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin stories allows the player to ride their monsters out of battle, but players who want to let their dragons rest can turn to fast travel. Monster Hunter 2 Stories It has a huge game world for the player to explore, and it will take a long time to do it on foot.

There are mounts on Monster Hunter 2 Stories They allow the player to avoid environmental hazards, and much of the early game involves creating a team that can facilitate exploration. This is similar to the HM mule situation in the old Pokemon games, where a team of monsters will be decided by their ability to break rocks, climb and swim, rather than their prowess in combat. Much of Monster Hunter 2 Stories It will involve exploring caves and fighting lesser enemies while cultivating resources that are used to make better armor and weapons.

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Once the player has finished exploring, they can travel anywhere in the world. Fast travel between locations is possible in Monster Hunter 2 stories, but the player needs to run a bit first. To do this, the player needs to find Catavan Stands. These can only be accessed outside of battle.

The Catavan is found in Monster Hunter Stories 2

To fast travel, the player must unlock Catavan Stands. These are shown on the map as three-toed cat feet. Once the player gets close to them, they will look like poles with arrows. Some of the Catavan Stands also have Felyne assistants waiting outside. All the cities of Monster Hunter 2 Stories have Catavan Stands inside, making it easy to access them after a resource run.

To use the Catavan Stand, the player must open the map (the plus button on Nintendo Switch) and press the menu button (X on Nintendo Switch). A list of all Catavan Stands that the player has unlocked will appear. The list will also show Catavan Stands that have not yet been unlocked, so the player knows how many to look for. If it appears that the player has unlocked all of them, but there aren’t any, then they may not be unlockable yet. Some of the Catavan Stands in each area cannot be unlocked until later in the game, when the player gains access to a specific mount relevant to the story.

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Monster Hunter 2: Wings of Ruin stories It is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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