If Iron Man takes off his helmet, he will die

Marvel’s Iron Man was seriously injured in one of his last fatal battles and if he removes his helmet from his armor, he will die.

Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man # 10 below.

Yes Iron Man takes off the helmet of the armor, he will die. In a new preview of the next Iron Man # 10, Tony Stark finds himself on a mysterious new planet after fighting Korvac. But, the Marvel Comics hero is unable to remove his helmet, as he suffered a broken neck and his body is held together by his suit.

In the stream Iron Man Ongoing series from Christopher Cantwell, Cafu, Frank D’Armata and Joe Caramagna, Tony and his team of heroes are trying to stop the villain Korvac from gaining access to Taa II, Galactus’s ship, and stealing the Cosmic Power, just as it’s done before. However, in his attempts to thwart Korvac, Stark was seriously injured against the cosmic villain. Tony’s neck was broken by his powerful opponent, so if he took off his armor, he would die. Iron Man continued to fight despite the life-threatening injury, but Stark discovers that things have not improved after being teleported to a mysterious planet.

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In new previews of Iron Man # 10, Stark’s adventures slow down after arriving on a mysterious new planet. Trouble finds Stark away from Earth and his fellow heroes for over a week with no idea how to return to his home planet. Iron Man befriends a colony on the planet and explains that if he takes off his helmet, he will succumb to his broken neck. Stark notes that they have been pleased and developed a friendship with the patrol team, even saying that he doesn’t even get along with the Avengers the way he does with them.

Iron Man 10 preview

Iron Man 10 Preview 1

Iron Man 10 preview

Iron Man 10 preview

Iron Man 10 preview

While Tony might be enjoying the company in Megiddo, being so far from Korvac while his dark plans are in full swing has to be frustrating for the hero. Iron Man’s health is extremely bad, and he knows how many light years from Earth. Having some time to recover from his injuries and slow things down could be a blessing in disguise for Stark, but the longer he’s away from his team and Korvac, the more havoc the villain can wreak.

Iron Man’s broken neck means he’s as vulnerable as ever, especially considering his armor was already in bad shape when he was teleported to Megiddo. Will he have enough time to heal to stop Korvac, or will Tony Stark have to risk his life again while his life is held together by metal and bolts? Readers will find more information when Iron Man # 10 is in comic shops on July 14.

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