Iron Man’s most disgusting armor has a nasty new name and an evil future

To stop the King in Black, Tony Stark created a new type of Iron Man armor, and the entire Marvel Universe may have to suffer the consequences.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Extreme Carnage Alpha by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Marc Deering, Roberto Poggi, Guru-eFX, and VC’s Travis Lanham, on sale now.

The Marvel Universe is still reeling from the events of King in black‘s invasion of symbiotes. The global crisis left rubble everywhere, even in the confines of Iron Man’s laboratory. As the Avengers tried to figure out how to take on the symbiote god Knull, Tony Stark fused one of his Extremis suits with a symbiote to create a new being.

And in Extreme Carnage: Alpha # 1, the living suit of the Extrembiote armor lives on as an uncontrolled, growling reminder of the symbiote threat.

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Ever since Eddie Brock ascended to divinity and gave the other symbiotes in his hive unprecedented freedom, they have mostly gone unnoticed and simple, ordinary lives have been forged. Of course, Flash Thompson has become intimately aware of the problem this poses, especially with the general population sharing a dangerously growing anti-alien sentiment. Now that Carnage has made his own gruesome return, the Flash has more to worry about, though he’s not alone in those concerns. Tony Stark is also aware of the situation ahead and approaches Flash for some kind of consultation.

Unfortunately for Iron Man, Thompson points out a serious problem with the Extrembiote armor. To potentially save the life of a dying Eddie Brock during King in blackTony rewrote the DNA of a symbiote with a version of the Extremis virus. While the symbiote didn’t save Eddie, it did provide Tony with a powerful weapon against Knull’s army. It has also left him with what is effectively a prisoner, as Flash explains. The newly nicknamed Extrembiote might be attached to the suit, but he is still a sentient being who is presumably aware of his captivity.

While this is an ethical nightmare, it could also be the birth of Marvel’s next massive threat. Since it has free will, the symbiote could easily turn against Tony Stark and use the suit’s powers for a variety of nightmarish revenge scenarios.

Given his status as one of Marvel’s most progressive geniuses, Stark should have thought about this by now, especially since it essentially happened to him once before.

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In 2000, Iron Man Issue 26, by Joe Quesada and Sean Chen, saw the creation of one of Iron Man’s most formidable villains, a corrupted Iron Man suit. After lightning struck Stark during a fight with the villain Whiplash, the armor Tony was wearing at the time became sensitive, and this new creation quickly fell in love with its creator. The situation took a dire turn when the armor slayed Whiplash in cold blood. When Tony tried to turn it off, the armor turned on him. Tony was kidnapped, dragged to a desert island, and tortured for days by Iron Man’s clever suit. When the tension triggered a heart attack, the armor found something akin to empathy and saved Tony’s life at the expense of his own. although this hardly changed the terror that had caused in the meantime.

Tony is somehow oblivious to the fact that other aggressive and sensitive armor could be problematic, even after having lived through that particular worst-case scenario once. The Extrembiote could not only easily and understandably turn against Iron Man at any moment; He could even be recruited from the Carnage Hive. If this were to happen, then Stark’s Iron Man symbiote suit could be one of the deadliest symbiotes to ever walk the face of the Earth in the Marvel Universe.

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