James Gunn directed five episodes of ‘Peacemaker’ for HBO Max, so who directed the other three?

Knowing that James Gunn directed five episodes of Pacifier, the spinoff series starring John Cena as his Suicide squad character, it has only now been revealed that the remaining three episodes have been directed by some veteran superheroes. First reported on The Ronin, along with Jody Hill, whom Gunn recently blurted out that he had directed an episode, the remaining two episodes were overseen by Brad Anderson and Rosemary Rodriguez, who may be familiar to fans of Titans Y Jessica jones since they have respectively directed episodes of those popular series’.

All three directors have worked on very different projects. Jody Hill has previously been seen working on To the east and down Y The fair gemstones, while writing and directing Seth Rogan’s work Observe and report, a black comedy that will certainly be the perfect fit when it comes to a Suicide squad as a spin-off Pacifier. In addition to his superhero careers, Brad Anderson is the acclaimed director of The Machinist, in addition to participating in television shows Fringe, The Killing, The Wire Y Boardwalk empire, while Rosemary Rodríguez is a true television veteran with credits including The Walking Dead, the good wife and AppleTV + programs Truth be told Y Dickinson.

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While there is no doubt that Pacifier is a superhero show, not your typical bright Marvel adventure, but something a little darker, which is probably why someone like Rodriguez has been involved in directing duties, such as Jessica jones definitely connected to the more grown-up side of the Marvel coin. Gunn himself told Empire magazine that Peacemaker is “a piece of shit” and “not a good guy.” It certainly makes for an intriguing character for audiences to cheer on for more than a full eight-episode series.

The original Suicide squad in 2016 it was aimed squarely at the “family” level of superhero movies, with little blood spilled and an even less amount of profanity, but this time James Gunn has earned a full R rating and has certainly made the most of the loss of the shackles that bind him in his Guardians of the Galaxy movies with Marvel. In Gunn’s own words, “It just lets me do whatever we want,” he said on a set in 2019.

David Dastmalchian, who appears as the Polka-Dot Man in the film, emphasized how much this film is not for children when he was recently quoted as saying, “It’s James unattached … the handcuffs have been removed.” [There are] some moments that are hilariously like, ‘Shit, a head blew out.’ Yes, some heads will absolutely explode. There will be brains in this chamber. “

While little is known about the plot of Pacifier, there is also no information about where you are in relation to the timeline of Suicide squad. This is for a very good reason, as James Gunn He doesn’t want to reveal what does or doesn’t happen to Cena’s character in the main movie. It’s almost like he’s worked under Marvel’s secret blanket before and it stuck to him. What we do know is that Cena’s Peacemaker will be joining Suicide Squad co-stars Steve Agee, Jennifer Holland and newcomers Robert Patrick, Freddie Stroma and Danielle Brooks when the series premieres on HBO MAX in January.

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