Jason Segel, Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons to star in Netflix’s Hitchcockian thriller ‘Windfall’

Jason segel, Lily Collins Y Jesse plemons are ready to star in the Hitchcockian thriller Windfall profit, which Charlie mcdowell will direct for Netflix. Segel and Plemons starred in McDowell’s latest Netflix movie, The discoverywhile Collins is slated to star in the director’s upcoming crime drama. Golden rage.

Windfall profit is described as a modern noir who follows a young couple who arrive at their vacation home only to find that it is being robbed. The script comes from McDowell’s frequent collaborator. Justin lader as well as Seven scribe Andrew Kevin Walker, whose presence alone bodes well for this project. Term broke the news, reporting that Segel helped develop the story with the writers.

McDowell and his three stars will produce Windfall profit next to Alex Orlovsky, Duncan Montgomery Y Jack Selby, weather David duque estrada Y Elika portnoy will executive produce Mutressa Movies along with Undercover rick.


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The timing of this announcement is fun for me, since last night I was watching Nine days with a friend and said it reminded him of a recent Robert Redford science fiction movie, and I had no idea what he was talking about. He had stumped the former Schmoedown champion! It took a moment for him to realize that he was talking about The discovery, which I never bothered to see because it got disappointing reviews, even though I did like McDowell’s first movie, The one i love, who starred Mark Duplass Y Elisabeth moss. I’m a big believer in making my own decisions, so I plan to rectify that oversight soon. For now, all I can say is that a Hitchcock thriller with Segel and Plemons sounds to my liking, especially coming in part from the guy who wrote the rock-cold classic. Seven.

Segel comes from AMC’s anthology series Dispatches from other places, which I just couldn’t get into, even though I thought his performance was David Foster Wallace on The end of the tour deserved an Oscar nomination. Collins stars in Netflix’s Golden Globe-nominated series Emily in Paris, while Plemons will soon find himself antagonizing Dwayne johnson Y Emily blunt at Disney’s Jungle cruise. The protagonist is also filming in Martin ScorseseThe Big Budget Apple Movie Assassins of the Flower Moon, assuming a role that was once destined to Leonardo Dicaprio, who went on to a more striking supporting role.

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