KUWTK: Kourtney and Travis fuel pregnancy rumors at UFC date night

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are speculating on whether Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker intentionally fueled the pregnancy rumors on the UFC date.

Fans of keeping up with the Kardashians They are debating whether Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker intentionally fueled the pregnancy rumors during their last date night. The pair went out to attend another UFC fight and stopped to pose for some photos. But with Travis choosing to place his hand on Kourtney’s belly, viewers wonder if the pair might be dropping any clues about a baby on board.

Kourtney and Travis have been inseparable since they went public with their romance in January. After taking time to keep things private and off social media, Kourtney and Travis thoroughly sped up the PDA and date night. With the Poosh founder and Blink 182 drummer being close friends and neighbors for years, they had a smooth transition to becoming a couple. In recent weeks, Kourtney and Travis have fueled engagement rumors and, more recently, pregnancy rumors. Considering the wedding veil that Kourtney recently wore at Disneyland and the body part that Travis publicly supported his hand on, her fans wonder if they are trying to hint at some great news.

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The KUWTK star and her rock star boyfriend recently enjoyed another date night at the UFC. Kourtney wore black leather pants with a black tank top, while Travis wore a black leather jacket, a white T-shirt, and red plaid pants. The paparazzi snapped photos of the famous couple while they waited outside. A Reddit Username He reposted some of the photos that showed Travis with his hand resting comfortably on Kourtney’s belly. Fans of the show were quick to question whether Travis was possibly making fun of the paparazzi or the baby news. “Yes, he was rubbing her stomach. No i don’t think i’m pregnant“said a Redditor.

One person speculated if Travis and Kourtney purposely posed like that for the media attention they knew it would get. “At this point, I don’t know if the daddies are conveniently there every time Kravis kisses or displays PDAs or if Kravis gives extra PDAs FOR the daddies. “ they said before noticing how they have “I’ve never seen a celebrity couple give so much content to the paparazzi.” However, this is not the first time that a Kardashian-Jenner has been accused of showing her romance to the paparazzi. Kim Kardashian has often been accused of showing her love life for media clicks. Kourtney and Travis have faced the same criticism due to how open they are with their love for each other.

Someone else noticed how Travis has always been very fond of PDA in his past relationships. “He and Shanna were WORSE than this, believe it or not.” they said. There was another who felt the date night pose was a clue or the way the pair were playing a prank on the public. “At this point, I think she is pregnant or they are 100% trolling everyone.“said one person. In a separate photo, Kourtney posted a tequila drink so it looks like Travis may have been trolling or he just can’t seem to keep his hands off the keeping up with the Kardashians star for too long. Either way, Kourtney doesn’t seem to care.

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