Legends of Tomorrow Season 6, Episode 9, Recap and Spoilers for ‘This is Gus’

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 6 episode 9, “This is Gus,” which aired Sunday on The CW.

The Legends of Tomorrow is doing sitcoms one more time as the team works behind the scenes of Behrad’s favorite show to stop a new alien from changing the totem wielder forever. Meanwhile, Mick is shocked when Lita appears in the Waverider with a noticeable bulge, leaving Grandpa with questions.

The episode begins with Behrad preparing for the day when Gideon tells her that it is his 25th birthday. On the bridge, the team huddles while Sara mentions a new capsule scanner that could track the capsules as soon as they leave the temporary zone, giving them enough time to deal with the alien before it becomes a problem. And before they can finish talking about this new role, he quickly alerts them to a capsule landing in Vancouver in 2023. Meanwhile, Mick decides to check on his daughter, Lita, but she answers the phone in a panic, demanding to see your father immediately. Mick springs into action and looks for an hourly courier to take his daughter on board.

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Zari takes Behrad aside to discuss Nate’s use of his totems. And as Behrad tries to drop clues that today is her birthday, her sister’s worries dominate her attempts. Zari stops the discussion and summons Nate because they need him for the mission, only for him to emerge from the totem in a bathrobe, upset that his time is shortened. Sara and Ava then enter, and Sara congratulates Nate on his successful night, but is interrupted when Mick steals Ava’s messenger and opens a portal to Lita, who is several months pregnant. Mick is shocked, but Ava tells him that they are in 2023, which means that this Lita is a “future” version. Lita is happy to see her Aunt Ava, but she is furious at her father for disappearing from her life for a year.

As Mick tries to deal with his pregnant daughter, the rest of the team head to the pod’s estimated location in Vancouver. While they are trying to obtain information, a promoter hands them tickets to a screening of Bud Stuy. Behrad is dazzled when he sees the entrances and He’s delighted to see the star of the show, Imran Syeed, thinking it’s amazing that his friends faked a mission to gift him a screening. Zari takes credit for the plan and Sara follows suit, giving Behrad the tickets and letting them into the show while she and Spooner follow the trail. They arrive in an open field and Spooner takes aim at the capsule, ready to take it out before it lands, but ends up changing the trajectory of the capsule.

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Within the set of Bud Stuy, while Behrad is excited, he is the only one in the audience. The scene begins and all the jokes fail, and behind the camera, Imran’s brother and the creator of Bud Stuy, Kamran, he’s frustrated, at least until the capsule hits his set. The capsule opens and a small furry alien creature comes out. She searches for a record and eats a small piece while Imran scolds her, eliciting genuine laughter from the audience. Kamran calls Cut and walks over to assess the situation, leaving Behrad until he realizes that this was not a surprise birthday present and is, in fact, a normal mission. The team tries to get the attention of the alien, including Zari, who uses her phone, thinking that the alien is attracted to the screen. But when the alien starts walking towards them, Kamran and Imran get in the way and argue about the new addition to the show. Imran is angry that his brother brought an animatronic, but his brother is convinced that the new addition will do wonders. While Imran hesitates, he accepts the new change, and before the Legends can attempt to capture the alien, security kicks them off the lot.

Back at the Waverider, Ava does everything she can to help Mick and Lita’s relationship heal. He even takes Mick to the library to show him that despite Lita’s pregnancy, he’s still in school. While Mick sees this as a positive, Lita encourages him by telling him that she met Nico, the baby’s father, in his class on female empowerment. He then begins to list other life opportunities that he hopes Mick will be disappointed with, but Mick refuses to react. Later, Lita is in the kitchen making a sandwich when Mick walks in and asks why she makes food herself when Gideon can make anything. She says she doesn’t have a Gideon in her life and that she has to do everything herself before struggling to open a pickle jar. Mick offers his help, comparing the stubbornness of the jars to himself, and as he opens them, asks for Nico.

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Elsewhere, Behrad and Astra are planning a way to rob the alien when they hear banging on the wall and open the door to see Imran. He quickly mistakes Behrad for a PA and asks for coffee. Astra works magic on a coffee tray and bursts into the room, advertising herself as a member of labor relations. Behrad and Astra watch as the writers struggle to incorporate the alien, but Behrad steps in and offers a more creative alternative to coffee. Astra pushes him aside and demands to know where the alien is, but Imran tells them that his brother has it. This frustrates Astra, who then drags Behrad out of the room. Sara and Spooner end up finding the alien through craft services, and Sara tries to capture him by offering him a bagel. This works, somehow, but when Astra picks it up, he begins to get angry and lets out a deafening scream, incapacitating the Legends and forcing them to regroup on the Waverider.

After healing from the screaming, Behrad comes in with a new and more professional personality and hairstyle. Everyone is shocked and confused by this change, especially Nate, who notices his signature palm oil stroking his friend’s hair. Sara returns the meeting to decorum by showing Gary a photo of the alien. Identifies him as a Gusarax, a creature that joins his parents, and to capture him, the team you need to have the “Gus Gus” link to one of them. As a new plan is laid down, the sudden shift to Behrad finally catches up with him when he realizes something is wrong. Gus Gus’s introduction to Bud stuffy It made a significant difference to Behrad’s personality, which worries Sara, as small changes like this are exactly how they lost Zari 1.0. Gideon pulls the script for the first alien episode of Bud stuffy and finds an audition for a nosy neighbor role, for which Zari decides to audition. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the part because he’s not the type of person the casting director is looking for, but Nate does.

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Near the writers room, Behrad begins to fear the person he is becoming and talks to Imran to try and convince him not to change the show. And although Imran agrees with him, he has to do what his brother says. But Behrad explains how he wouldn’t be where he is without the show and how important it is to him, which convinces Imran to talk to Kamran. However, Kamran does not accept it because he knows that if the show is not a success, it will be canceled. Imran, unwilling to sell himself, abandons the program.

At the Waverider, Ava is struggling to perfectly wrap Behrad’s gifts when Lita enters in search of her father. Ava comforts her, letting her know that Mick is hot but that he eventually gets cold. Sara enters the conversation and is curious to know what Lita and Mick talked about. Lita explains to Sara that she told her father everything about Nico, including the times and locations of their races. Scarred Mick could kill the boy, Sara, Gary and Lita go looking for them, only to find them hugging. Mick clears up the confusion, stating that even though he originally came to kill Nico, they talked about it. This brings Mick to tears, with Nico supporting him to scream out the pain of losing Kayla.

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With the family drama out of the way, Zari and Astra attempt to reunite with Kamran, but Behrad walks in in a full suit and a complete personality change, forcing their way. The team arrives at Kamran’s office in the guise of a Union of Puppeteers, and Kamran admits that Gus Gus is not a puppet, but he knows that the world’s first alien star is a gold mine. Behrad agrees with the economic benefits of the alien, surprising Zari and Astra, who drag Behrad out of the room and scold him. Behrad leaves, and while this annoys Zari, bigger problems arise when her totem disappears. The stress of the situation causes Nate to kidnap Behrad and drag him back to the Waverider. Zari tries her best to bring her brother back, but he’s long gone and she thinks Gus Gus will make her money. With that, the timeline begins to solidify and Behrad’s things begin to disappear. Zari locks him in the room and promises to fix things, but still feels responsible for causing this mess.

In the beginning, Nate destroys his role and ruins the scene, just as Astra reaches Imran and tries to force him back to the show. He refuses, of course, and they end up in a golf cart race that ends when Imran crashes into the set, throwing Gus Gus into Nate’s arms. Imran plays with the situation and laughs, convincing his brother that they can do anything together, alien or not. Later, in the Waverider, Behrad returns to his normal state when he enters his surprise birthday party. Everyone celebrates as Zari 2.0 talks to Zari 1.0 about the things she loves about her brother. It also lets 1.0 know that they can switch places moments at a time because as long as there is only one Zari in the timeline, Behrad can survive. Zari 1.0 leaves the totem pole and wishes her brother a happy birthday before sitting down with the team. and get a summary of everything that was missed. But before the episode ends, Gary tells Mick that because his night with Kayla involved tentacles, Mick is pregnant.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stars Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Tala Ashe, Matt Ryan, Olivia Swann, Jes Macallan, Adam Tsekhman, Shayan Sobhian, Lisseth Chavez, and Raffi Barsoumian. Season 6 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on The CW.

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