Light from Death Note vs. Lelouch from Code Geass: Who would be smarter than the other?

Light Yagami is the main antihero in Death Note who evades the authorities and makes the world tremble at his secret ability to kill. Lelouch vi Britannia is the star of Geass Code, where he gains the power to control others with his eyes while also playing mind games to wage large-scale warfare. In anime battles of cunning and wits, Light and Lelouch are legendary powerhouses.

Given the dominant intellectual performances on their respected series, they have left many fans of both anime wondering who is the smarter antihero of the two. Both calculating characters have earned respect and notoriety in the anime community, but here is the genius who would ultimately emerge victorious.

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Light Yagami: the antihero with the power to kill

Light Yagami takes possession of a Shinigami Death Note, giving him the power to kill anyone who knows the full name and face by simply writing their name in the notebook. The Death Note comes with a complex set of rules that Light gradually learns to take advantage of, such as being able to determine the day, time and manner of someone’s death. Develop a secret personality, Kira, with the goal of killing and ridding the world of dangerous criminals. With his father as head of the NPA, Light joins the Japanese task force with the goal of stopping Kira so he can directly control and divert them.

As Light continues to evade the authorities and kill those he deems unfit for society, he develops a dangerous god complex. Your arrogance increases throughout Death Note with every little victory you experience. When L arrives and becomes Light’s main adversary who rivals him in intellect, he quickly suspects that Light is Kira and sets out to prove it. Light and L come and go in a mental war battle, but getting rid of L is difficult because his real name is carefully kept secret, exposing Light’s greatest limitation regarding the Death Note.

After coming under great scrutiny and suspicion, Light must act carefully and requires the help of Misa and her Shinigami. With the help of Shinigami Eyes, he can discover L’s real name and cause his death. By no longer respecting the value of life, Light becomes so numb to death that he shows no fear or remorse for the death of his own family members. As a dangerously selfish narcissist, he believes that no one will be able to stop him if L gets out of his way. However, his blind arrogance and reckless inhibition allow L’s successor, Near, to successfully orchestrate Light’s downfall in the end.

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Lelouch vi Britannia: the antihero with the power to control

Lelouch from Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia is a prince who despises his own family and empire, leading him to lead a rebellion on behalf of occupied Japan. As an antihero and yandere, he wage war on behalf of his younger sister Nunnally, whom he holds dear above all else. With the intellect and strategic ingenuity to stage a rebellion, but without the firepower to do so, he suddenly finds himself with the ability to carry out his ambitions. Lelouch receives the power of Geass from CC, allowing him to control anyone he makes eye contact with. Lelouch’s Geass command does not have a time limit, but can only be used once on the same person.

With the “Power of Absolute Obedience”, Lelouch is in an advantageous position to win the rebellion and see his plan carried out. In addition to his unique power, Lelouch relies primarily on his masterful judgment and strategy. While he also develops his own god complex, he doesn’t get as insane and reactionary as Light. With a clear goal in mind, Lelouch is able to control his emotions to focus on the big picture of helping his loved ones. While Light resorts to desperately killing anyone he thinks might pose a threat, Lelouch is smart enough not to kill all of his adversaries.

Lelouch organizes his final plan, “Zero Requiem”, in secret with the help of CC and his former best friend and adversary, Suzaku. After winning the bloody war, Lelouch ascends the throne of Britannia and acts as an evil and evil figure for the world to collectively hate him. Working together, Suzaku dresses up as Zero and assassinates Lelouch during a publicly televised victory parade. While this initially seems like a loss to Lelouch, it was actually part of the plan from the start, as his death successfully achieves his goal of achieving world peace.

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Lelouch vs. Light: Who would be smarter than the other?

Given their respected powers, a battle between Light and Lelouch would ultimately come down to how they know or know each other. Despite his name, Light operates best from the shadows where he can observe the rest of the world. You can only use your Death Note if you know someone’s full name and face. However, Lelouch does an incredible job of hiding both his face and his true identity behind his Zero facade, so it is highly unlikely that Light will be able to obtain this information from afar.

With this limitation in mind, their rivalry would likely lead to a sudden face-to-face interaction, like when L surprised Light by showing up at his school. Even if Light possesses the Shinigami Eyes to discover Lelouch’s real name, he would not have time to write it down on the Death Note before Lelouch activates his Geass. With an in-person interaction and Lelouch’s Geass at stake, he could easily make Light obey any command and even make him forget to possess the Death Note. Given the strengths and limitations of his respected abilities, Lelouch has the upper hand over Light, who requires more information and is slower to act.

In terms of sheer intelligence and cunning, Lelouch has the advantage of having a calmer and more composed logic than Light, making him less likely to get carried away by emotions and arrogance. It is important to note that the biggest difference between Death Note Y Geass Code antiheroes is that Lelouch fights for those he loves, while Light cannot claim that he truly loves anyone. A person’s reason for fighting is critical to their outcome, allowing Lelouch to successfully carry out his plan while Light is taken down. Given both his abilities and resolve, Lelouch would ultimately outwit, overcome, and survive in an intellectual battle against Light.

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