Loki’s true story: all the real-life mysteries mentioned (so far)

Loki has subtly and intelligently introduced some references to real-life mysteries, giving them explanations that fit the MCU. Here are each one of them.

Thanks to the concept of the multiverse and its many timelines and variants, Loki has referenced a couple of real-life mysteries and given them an explanation that fits the themes of the show, and here are all the cases so far. With the Infinity Saga now over, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving forward with its highly anticipated Phase 4, and what makes this new wave stand out from previous ones is that it covers both TV shows and movies, further expanding this connected universe. Starting Phase 4 were the television series WandaVision Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and fans are now meeting the God of Mischief in Loki.

Although Loki was killed by Thanos in the first act of Avengers: infinity war, his return was possible thanks to the robbery of time in Avengers Endgame, as its 2012 version escaped with the Tesseract and thus created a new branch in the timeline. LokiThen, watch the God of Mischief be brought to the Time Variation Authority (TVA), an organization that oversees the timeline and makes sure everything goes according to plan. The TVA recruited Loki to help them catch another variant of Loki, but both Loki ended up joining forces to discover the truth about this organization. Loki and his variant, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), have been through a lot in a short amount of time, and their adventures through different places and points in time have led to the inclusion of some real-life mysteries. .

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Loki has expanded the concept of the multiverse and the many branches that can be created through Nexus events, and through all of this, it has also introduced variants, which open up many possibilities for the near future of the MCU. This has allowed the writers to tackle some real-life mysteries and give them an explanation within the MCU, whether they were the result of Loki’s tendency to create chaos through his pranks, secret government experiments, or urban legends. that came to life. Here are all the real life mysteries referenced in Loki so far.

DB Cooper

Loki DB Cooper sunglasses

The trailers for Loki mocked his involvement in the DB Cooper mystery, suggesting that he was the mystery character. This was quickly cleared up in Loki episode 1 when Loki was revealed to be DB Cooper, but not because of a TVA mission (as initially believed), but because he lost a bet to Thor and disappeared into the Bifrost after jumping out of the plane. In real life, DB Cooper is the name given to an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in November 1971. Cooper claimed to have a bomb with him and declared his demands for $ 200,000 in “negotiable US currency.” , four parachutes and a fuel truck waiting to refuel the plane upon arrival. When he got back on the air, Cooper took the money and a parachute and jumped to an uncertain destination. After decades of investigation, it is still unknown who DB Cooper really was and what happened to him after he jumped, as his body has not been found nor was there any trace of the money.

Maria Celeste

Loki Mary Celeste Void

The case of Mary Celeste is one of the many mysteries that have taken place in the ocean. Mary Celeste was an American merchant brig that was found adrift and deserted in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. What makes Mary Celeste’s story so intriguing is that none of her crew was on board when the ship was found, the boat was in good condition. , a lifeboat was missing and the crew’s personal belongings were intact. Over the years, there have been a number of theories about what happened to Mary Celeste’s crew, and these range from underwater earthquakes to a pirate attack (perhaps from the Canadian brig that found the ship, the Dei Gratia) to paranormal hypotheses. Loki gave Mary Celeste a slightly less complex explanation than all of those: the crew created a Nexus event, so TVA sent them (and the ship) into the Void, where Mary Celeste could be seen briefly.

USS Eldridge

Loki USS Eldridge

The USS Eldridge was a United States Navy ship that is not known for its service history but for its alleged participation in the “Philadelphia Experiment.” This was an alleged military experiment carried out by the United States Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in 1943. History says that during those experiments the USS Eldridge became invisible to enemy devices, teleported to New York, to another dimension where he encountered aliens. and over time, which resulted in the death of several sailors. However, due to a lack of evidence and a lot of conflicting information, the experiment is considered a hoax, although that did not stop. Loki of adding the USS Eldridge, with its entire crew, to the Void, where they were (unfortunately) destroyed by Alioth.


Polybius in Loki

Loki I did not miss the opportunity to add a reference to an urban legend: Polybius. The story emerged in early 2000 and was about a fictional arcade game that appeared in various suburbs of Portland, Oregon in 1981. The game is said to have created an addiction to it in those who got to play it, as it was actually a psychology experiment. by the Government. Legend even explains that the Polybius machines were visited by men in black who collected data from them to test the subjects’ responses to their psychoactive effects. Players were said to suffer from a number of side effects, including amnesia and night terrors. The legend has become very popular over the years, and a Polybius machine can be seen in the underground base of Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and Alligator Loki, though how it got there is unknown.

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