Lord of the Rings fan performs haunting version of ‘A Walking Song’

Return of the King’s sad ‘A Walking Song’, called ‘The Edge of Night’ in the movie, gets a fan version of The Lord of the Rings who plays the flute.

A fan of The Lord of the rings shared his own melodious version of the song that Pippin Took sings to Denethor in the third installment of the film trilogy, The return of the King.

On YouTube, Paul Harvey Flute Guy uploaded a cover of the bleak song. Dressed in a helmet and safety vest, Harvey sings and plays the cover while standing in what appears to be a parking lot. The water dripping to the bottom and the acoustics of the concrete add to the haunting tone of the melody.

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The song was originally sung in the first novel, The Fellowship of the Rings, by Frodo Baggins, to whom his uncle Bilbo taught the words. That version has several verses and is set to a tune “as old as the hills.” He makes another appearance at the end of the third novel when Frodo heads to the Eternal Lands. That version is shorter and has modified lyrics that are closer to the song that actor Billy Boyd, who played Pippin, sings in the third movie. A montage of Faramir’s violent battle against the orcs on Osgiliath runs in counterpoint to the sad tune.

In the 2012 movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Gandalf uses the same phrase that begins the song when hobbits and dwarves leave the Shire for their adventure: “Home is behind, the world is ahead.”

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