Luca’s Easter Egg Reveals Proper Origin of the Portorosso Cup Bicycle

Luca introduced the audience to the Portorosso Cup Race, for which the main character had to ride a bike, but where did he get it from?

Luca saw the main character competing in the Portorosso Cup race to earn enough money to buy a Vespa, and for that, he needed a bike, and an Easter egg reveals how he got one. Pixar and Disney continue to bring at least one animated film each year, each with the studios’ signature animation quality, delightful stories, and a great message for audiences. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Soul, Luca it had to skip a theatrical release and instead went straight to Disney + so it could more easily reach its target audience.

Set in the Italian Riviera, Luca introduces viewers to Luca Paguro (voiced by Jacob Tremblay), a teenage sea monster bored from his life on his family’s farm at the bottom of the sea. Luca is curious about what’s outside the ocean, and one day he meets Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer), another sea monster with a huge desire to explore the human world thanks to his natural ability to turn into humans when dry (and back to his monster form when wet). Together they swim to Portorosso, where they must keep their true identities a secret, as the townspeople hate sea monsters. There they meet Giulia (Emma Berman), with whom they form a team for the Portorosso Cup Race triathlon and form a very special friendship.

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What motivated Luca and Alberto to join the triathlon was the award, since they wanted to have their own Vespa so that they could explore the world, and the cash prize would allow them to get one (albeit a very old version of the famous scooter), but For that, Luca had to learn to ride a bike. The deal was that Alberto was going to compete in eating pasta, Giulia in the swimming race, and Luca in the cycling challenge, so he learned to ride Giulia’s bike. However, the team was disbanded before the competition due to Luca and Alberto revealing their identities to Giulia, so Luca and Giulia competed separately. Now, since Giulia was also going to do the challenge of riding a bike, Luca couldn’t use his bike, but suddenly he came up with one of his own.

Luca Portorosso Cup bike

The bike was old and rusty, but it served its purpose, allowing Luca to compete and win the Portorosso Cup, much to the surprise and anger of local thug and repeating champion Ercole Visconti (Saverio Raimondo). However, the movie doesn’t reveal how Luca got the bike, at least not explicitly. Twitter account Movie details i found an easter egg in Luca That explains where the main character got the bike he used for the triathlon, and it goes back to Alberto and Luca’s first swim to Portorosso. There, and still at sea, they hid behind an old ship, and in the back is a bicycle. Luca then swam back to get the bike to race, hence the rusty, old look of it and the algae hanging from it.

Pixar movies tend to have these kinds of little details that answer audience questions and further connect all parts of the story. The studio’s attention to detail is legendary too, so with that in mind, it’s not surprising that Luca explains the origin of the triathlon bike through an Easter egg found earlier in the movie. There may be more details like these in Luca waiting to be discovered, so don’t be surprised if more start to emerge as people rewatch the movie and pay more attention to everything.

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