Mark Wahlberg’s best movies and where to stream them

Marky Mark became a tailor-made hip-hop artist for the later years of MTV focused on music, not programming. His participation in one of the most iconic Calvin Klein underwear campaigns ever, alongside supermodel Kate Moss, blew his pop culture status wide open. But it was a small part on the set of his first movie, Renaissance man, directed by true Hollywood royalty, Penny Marshall, which provided an auspicious start to Mark Wahlberg’s afterlife on the big screen.

With dozens of familiar titles to choose from, here are 10 of the Burger Baron’s most popular part-time performances.

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The Basketball Diaries

Along with the exploding Leonardo DiCaprio, Wahlberg’s raw yet fierce intensity in The Basketball Diaries He showed his potential and also proved that he was more than just a popular singer who was desperate to be an actor. Wahlberg was hard to ignore on screen, drawing attention even when the center of attention was on DiCaprio. The role was a great warm-up for his next big role, which was very similar in tone and performance, in 1996. Fear.

The Basketball Diaries is available to stream on Netflix in selected regions.

Boogie nights

Easily one of the best films of the last 25 years, the masterpiece of Paul Thomas Anderson. Boogie nights It was as career defining as it was controversial for its main star. Wahlberg’s iconic portrayal of adult film star Dirk Diggler is engraved in movie history. But the outstanding dramatic performance that took Wahlberg to the next level of stardom is one that he I would not do it Do it again, citing your faith and your role as a parent. However, Wahlberg’s ability to take audiences on such an emotional and believable roller coaster was surprising, considering how new he was to acting.

Boogie nights is available to stream on HBO Max Y Pipeline, or to rent on YouTube, Apple TV and Amazon prime.

Three Kings

One of the most legendary movie shoots of all the dramatic tensions that unfolded behind the scenes, David O. Russell’s Three Kings It was the first of three great films, by three great directors, in just three short years for Wahlberg (the others were by Wolfgang Petersen The perfect Storm and Tim Burton Planet of the Apes). The trio easily solidified Wahlberg’s A-list status between 1999 and 2001. But their role in the Gulf War Three Kings gave viewers and producers their first big glimpse into his future, more mature-themed action roles.

Three Kings is available to stream on HBO Max and Tubi, or to rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

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The dead people

When an actor gets to work with Martin Scorsese, he really has reached the top of the Hollywood mountain. The legendary director The dead people, which was a reimagining of the Hong Kong police thriller Hellish affairs, gave Wahlberg the playing field to unleash one of his most memorable characters. The deliciously foul-mouthed, wildly inappropriate, and scathing Sergeant Sean Dignam is one for all ages. Surely, audiences would be delighted to see a super cut of his acid-tongued dialogue, as Wahlberg unleashes one verbal assassination after another. However, despite the shocking dialogue, he maintains his credible character.

The dead people is available to stream on Netflix and HBO Max, or to rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

The other guys

Playing alongside Will Ferrell, who was at the height of his comic fame, The other guys It gave Wahlberg a chance to play ‘straight man’ against a strong comedy partner. By immersing himself fully in comedy, Wahlberg was able to offer the right settings to give Ferrell the laughs he needed. Helped give familiar cop tropes of friends a refreshing update. By sharing screen time with Dwayne Johnson and the masterful Samuel L Jackson, Wahlberg proved once again that he could give other A-list stars the space to support the story. A new foundation was laid that eventually saw Wahlberg maintain his own highly successful comedy franchise, Ted.

The other guys it’s available to rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

The fighter

Wahlberg’s third time working with David O. Russell helped usher in the next phase of his career, with a focus on compelling true stories adapted for the big screen. The fighter is the story of street boxing hero Micky Ward and his deeply troubled but equally talented boxer brother. It was a more mature dramatic performance than the one he had produced for most of his career up to that point. The raw, heartbreak-filled story of the local blue-collar wrestler’s hero gave Wahlberg a chance to show his part of the screen alongside two of the best actors working today, Christian Bale, who won an Oscar for his paper, and Amy. Adams. It speaks to Wahlberg’s ability to flow and find a rhythm with such skilled and intense performers as Bale and Adams.

The fighter is available to stream on Showtime or to rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

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Lone survivor

The incredible true story of Marcus Luttrell and his heroic group of fellow Navy Seals from Operation Red Wings, Lone survivor helped usher in a host of stories with similar themes under the watchful eye of director Peter Berg. Berg beat out other directors, such as Oliver Stone, after gaining approval from the recipient of Navy Cross and Purple Heart to tell his story of survival from Afghanistan. Berg handpicked Wahlberg to play Luttrell, who was the sole survivor of his four-person team of Seals, pinned down by the Taliban. This kind of humanizing representation of a controversial subject can often be lost in the glare of Hollywood lights.

Lone survivor is available to stream on Peacock Premium or to rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Deep water horizon

The second pairing with Peter Berg behind the camera, and the first of a double header for 2016, Deep water horizon Wahlberg played one of the survivors of the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most important parts behind Williams’s portrayal of Wahlberg was making sure his performance didn’t detract from the heroics of others and didn’t overly dramatize his role in the combined rescue efforts of his fellow rig workers. Wahlberg’s big final scene, in which he finally breaks out of the emotional turmoil of his brush with death, is particularly poignant.

Deep water horizon it’s available to rent on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

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Patriot day

Wahl-Berg’s second pairing that year came with Patriot day, the inspiring true story of the terrifying terrorist bombings of the Boston Marathon. While many of the events and people portrayed are real, Wahlberg’s character is not. Instead, he’s inspired by the legendary Boston Police Detective Sergeant Danny Keeler in real life. The film and Wahlberg help capture the horrific events, without unnecessarily dramatizing the terrible attack or the circumstances surrounding it. The film easily captures the heroics and heartbreak of that fateful day and the events that followed, but Wahlberg doesn’t command the spotlight. While it delivers an outstanding performance, it doesn’t necessarily set itself apart from the movie. It offers just enough, but under Berg’s careful guidance behind the camera, it manages not to overshadow the biggest and most important story at stake.

Patriot day it’s available to rent on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Instant family

Wahlberg has worked hard to make a role as a family movie star, not just an action junkie. His interpretation in Instant family was a dramatization of the real-life story of the film’s director and screenwriter, who, along with his wife, adopted three children from foster care. The incredibly moving story gave Wahlberg the opportunity to co-star with one of today’s funniest and most talented dramatic performers, Rose Byrne, who shines in almost everything she does. But the story also gave viewers a great reminder of Wahlberg’s reach and ability to channel a broader swath of emotions into more familiar films than his action-packed resume might suggest.

Instant family it’s available to rent on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

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