Marvel blocked a Stan Lee cameo in the Simpsons short of Loki

While the writers of The Simpsons had free rein for The Good, The Bart, and The Loki, Marvel drew the line by using old Stan Lee audio for a “cameo.”

While the Marvel theme The Simpsons short The good, the Bart and the Loki He was allowed to play freely in the sandbox that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not to mention the comic book universe, there was one thing they couldn’t include: a posthumous cameo from Stan Lee.

Showrunner Al Jean spoke with about bringing the God of Mischief into The Simpsons verse and how Disney and Marvel Studios gave them greater freedom. But when it came to including archival footage of Lee in the episode, Jean said they were given a definite “No.”

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“Just once,” Jean said when asked if the superiors blocked any jokes. “It wasn’t a joke. We just thought, ‘Oh, we have Stan Lee’s audio from when he was on our show, could we join him?’ And they said their policy is for him not to make a cameo now that he’s passed away, which is a completely understandable policy. That was his only note and of course it was easy to do. And Grogu’s note [for the Star Wars-themed short] it also made a lot of sense. It was like, if you allowed everyone to use Grogu in their stuff they wanted, it would all be over. Believe me, I respect that these franchises have great power beyond ours. I respect it. “

Lee expressed himself several times in The Simpsons over the years, starting with 2002’s “I Am Furious (Yellow).” He also, of course, had a cameo in numerous Marvel movies, including every MCU installment. So while it would have been natural for Lee to show up if he was still alive, Marvel’s rule not to revive him, so to speak, for a posthumous cameo makes sense.

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Jean went on to discuss what it was like working with Lee when she appeared on The Simpsons: “It’s surreal. And I can even quote one of the most surreal moments in my life where I had lunch with Stan Lee and said, ‘Wow,’ it was like 20 years ago, ‘I’m so excited. I always wanted a movie to come out of Spider-Man, ‘”Jean recalled. “And he said, ‘Me too.’ I was like, ‘I guess so, right?’ I’m so glad that he saw, and a lot of Marvel creators could see, these things happen to be loved. … I wouldn’t say ‘niche’ because they were super popular, but so amazingly huge in the world.. It’s fantastic. It’s amazing. “

With the voice of Tom Hiddleston, The good, the Bart and the Loki Short now airs on Disney +.


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