Marvel is preparing an epic rematch between the Avengers and the X-Men

In the latest issue of Marvel’s X-Factor, the death of the Scarlet Witch was discovered and could lead to a new rematch between Avengers and X-Men.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for X factor # 10

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ X Factor, the X Men I just found out that the Scarlet Witch is dead, and it could lead to a new Avengers vs. X-Men rematch. Having been killed and dumped in the bushes outside the Hellfire Gala, all eyes will turn to Magneto as the culprit and prime suspect. Cover Art and Requests for Upcoming Magneto test have even confirmed that the Avengers will attend a funeral for Wanda Maximoff. However, that very cover sees them in significant conflict with Magneto himself, a war that could lead to a war with the X-Men nation as a whole.

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In the last issue of X Factor From writer Leah Williams, David Baldéon, David Messina and Lucas Werneck, the Hellfire Gala was drawing to a close when the body of Wanda Maximoff was discovered by none other than her son Tommy (aka Speed). Soon, more of the X-Men and members of Krakoa’s Silent Council arrived to investigate the body, and Wolverine quickly determined that Magento needed to be found immediately, considering him the prime suspect. The presumption is not overstated, as the Scarlet Witch was last seen alive with Magneto himself in the previous one. SWORD # 6, as the two had just decided to reunite as father and daughter despite their lack of biological relationship.

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With Magneto’s trial event featuring the aftermath of Wanda’s murder, the preview for the next second issue has revealed that the Avengers will get involved, attending Wanda’s funeral. This makes sense, since the Scarlet Witch and her twin brother Quicksilver were Avengers. However, the cover shows Earth’s mightiest heroes battling Magneto himself, which may be an indication that they are in conflict with the nation of Krakoa as a whole, leading to a new Avengers vs X-Men rematch.


While this could simply be a tease that the Avengers will end up helping the X-Men contain a tough Magneto, the implications could be far more disastrous. It remains to be seen what will happen to Wanda’s body and if she will be able to resurrect using Krakoa’s protocols given her non-mutant status. Also, there aren’t many mutants who didn’t want Wanda to come back to life, even if she could be brought back considering her dark history with mutants (House of M) and how much she has been vilified by Krakoa as a result, being known as The Pretender. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, imagine if the Avengers decided to prevail, taking a side one way or another.

Wanda’s assassination is a tinderbox that will undoubtedly have disastrous consequences for Krakoa, and could include a possible new conflict and rift between the Avengers and the X-Men. While past events have made it clear that neither party wants another Avengers vs X-Men repeat, it might end up happening anyway given how tense the Magneto test it will be, being opinions and points of view full or rival. As such, it is quite possible that the Avengers Presence will only make things worse in the future. X Men matters.

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