Marvel teased a VERY different era from the end of Ultron, and it may change the MCU

The new trailer for What If … is full of intriguing details, including some very different possibilities for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It is probably not a mistake that Marvel’s What if…? will be released immediately after Loki ends his career at Disney +. With the latter’s focus on the “sacred timeline” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the alleged long-term impact of the God of Mischief’s assault yet to come, What if…? makes the perfect introduction to the notion of the multiverse. Hidden within its second trailer is an ominous hint of one of the realities it could show: a very different take on Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The relevant sequence in the trailer uses a voiceover track. The owner of the voice is not immediately clear, but the subtitles shake hands with the MCU – it lists him as Ultron. It simply says, “each universe is different: each one is unique.” The speaker is then revealed to be none other than the Vision, speaking in Ultron’s voice. Carry the sudden Twilight Zone-Style of irony that the What if…? comics became famous. It also suggests a very different outcome for the Avengers’ battle with the genocidal robot.

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Ultron’s possession of Vision’s body was a checkmate move in the MCU, which Thor avoided: resulting in the creation of the android superhero played by Paul Bettany. Had Ultron not been stopped, he would have had possession of the Mind Stone, as well as an advanced form capable of all the powers and abilities of Vision. That would presumably spell doom for the Avengers and, by extension, all of humanity, as a Vision possessed by Ultron could prove impossible to destroy.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so bleak. A renegade Scarlet Witch possesses enough power to thwart Vision, as both WandaVision Y Captain America: Civil War demonstrated. It would leave the world without a Vision and Wanda perhaps more unstable before it was on the sacred timeline, but the extinction of Ultron would not occur and the Avengers would continue to defend the world. Although less plausible, Tony could possibly also find a means to stop him. Even in the worst case, with Ultron triumphant, Thor could transport the heroes and several human refugees to Asgard to fight another day. That would leave Ultron vulnerable to Thanos, who would eventually claim the Mind Stone, while also leaving the Avengers united enough to challenge the mad Titan properly. Ultimately, none of Ultron’s efforts on Earth would affect Captain Marvel, who would likely take the death of her home world extremely personally and come seeking restitution.

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But the details in the trailer suggest something even more out of the ordinary. It is quite possible that the Mind Stone or some lingering part of JARVIS could reach Ultron and alter his actions for the better. In fact, it infers that Ultron himself has seen the multiverse, or is at least aware of its existence, which could provoke the kind of existential moment that Loki experienced at the beginning of his Disney + series, as well as a similar change for the better.

The events of Loki it opens up an equally wild notion. If Ultron successfully claimed Vision’s body, that would undoubtedly constitute a nexus event, prompting a TVA intervention. They would undoubtedly prune the timeline and arrest the Ultron variant for the usual litany of crimes. How would Ultron react to the TVA headquarters? His Mind Stone would become inert and, as an artificial creation, might not function at all. On the other hand, you could interact with TVA technology and try to dominate all the time.

The plethora of possibilities from just three trailer image shots indicates how many concepts What if…? You can choose. Ultron remains one of the most interesting villains in the franchise and a return visit with him becomes an active selling point for the new series. But she’s far from the only compelling figure worth a curtain call. If the trailer can induce you such material, the series could be something very special.

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