Marvel’s What If ?: 10 Things We Learned From The Trailer

The first truth What if…? The trailer arrives to promote the upcoming Disney + series that premieres on August 11. The series promises to take a moment in the MCU’s history and have something different happen, giving a different take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe from then on.

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Based on the Marvel Comics of the same name, the What if…? The trailer showcased a lot that fans can expect from the upcoming series. This What if…? The trailer featured moments that turned heroes into villains, awarding roles to different people in the MCU and, in at least one case, eliminating a superhero entirely from the universe.

10 Killmonger saved Tony Stark

Killmonger saves Tony Stark in What If.

One of the most popular villains in the MCU is Erik Killmonger from Black Panther. His backstory showed that he survived a difficult childhood after Black Panther’s father murdered his father and left him alone as a child. Killmonger joined the military and became a Navy SEAL, with training that aided in his attempt to take over Wakanda.

Killmonger appeared in what appears to be a change in Iron man story, as he saved Tony Stark from the kidnapping that turned him into Iron Man. Later scenes appeared to show Killmonger leading an attack on Wakanda, probably using technology provided by the man he saved. This could also mean that Tony never becomes Iron Man.

9 T’Challa is a devastator

Black Panther and Yondu in What If.

With Killmonger leading an attack on Wakanda, there was no sign of T’Challa during this time. In what appeared to be a major change of Guardians of the GalaxyIt seemed like Yondu didn’t kidnap Peter Quill from Earth many years ago. Instead, he kidnapped T’Challa and raised him to be a Ravager.

There were scenes with T’Challa stealing the Power Stone that Peter took and then with him and Yondu working together, in what appeared to be a closer association than the Ravager had with Quill.

8 Guardians Avengers of the Galaxy

The Asgardians of the galaxy in What If.

With T’Challa taking on the role of Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill, that character’s direction changed. Peter has never been a brave or morally conscientious character, but T’Challa kept his character out of the gaze of the What if…? trailer. This appears to have brought T’Challa back to Earth.

In a change of the AvengersIt wasn’t the titular heroes protecting Earth from Loki’s alien invasion, it was what the Guardians of the Galaxy appeared to be, with the Guardians protecting New York City.

7 Howard the duck appears

Howard the duck in What If.

Howard the Duck has been in the MCU multiple times, though he’s never had much to do. They locked him in one of The Collector’s cages and then drank a martini while Cosmo the Space Dog licked Collector at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. Appeared again in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on a date in Contraxia, where the Ravagers spent their free time.

It was then part of the final battle against Thanos in Avengers Endgame. It is not known where Howard will fit in What if…?

6 Peggy is Captain Carter

Peggy Carter as Captain Britain in What If.

Captain America the First Avenger gets a major change, and this is the only story Marvel revealed long before the What if…? tow hit. The change here is that Peggy Carter gets the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. However, the trailer looks like it won’t be Captain America.

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Peggy introduces herself as Captain Carter, but her costume is clearly that of the Marvel character Captain Britain. Having Peggy as Captain Britain changes the whole dynamic of what Captain America meant to the United States in WWII.

5 A new iron man

Peggy Carter and Iron Man in What if.

Not only did Peggy Carter become Captain Britain, but Iron Man appeared much earlier as well. Rather than Tony Stark becoming Iron Man many years later, it appears that Howard Stark created the first Iron Man in WWII.

There is a possibility that this is Steve Rogers as Iron Man in the What if…? trailer, though that’s just a guess until the show premieres. Whoever’s in the armor is working with Peggy Carter in WWII.

4 Doctor Strange and Shuma Gorath

Captain Britain vs Shuma Gorath in What If.

From the look of the trailer, Captain Britain will have to deal with a villain who is a master of the mystical arts in Doctor Strange. Not only does Strange appear to be a villain in Peggy’s story, but he also has the help of the Lord of Chaos in Shuma Gorath.

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The shot is quick in the trailer, but Peggy is fighting a creature that looks like Cthulhu and is likely Shuma Gorath. He is an ancient and powerful demon who wants dark power and is immortal, so this could lead Peggy into a battle that even Captain America never had to face.

3 Hawkeye could kill Thor

Hawkeye takes aim in What If.

In the first Thor movie, the Prince of Asgard lost his dignity and Odin took Mjolnir and sent Thor to Earth. He was trapped on the planet with no way to regain his power. When he learned that Mjolnir had crashed to Earth, he went to try to retrieve the hammer, but was unable to lift it off the ground.

Agent Coulson sent Hawkeye in case they needed to get Thor out, but he left the God of Thunder behind. That scene was here, but the idea is for something to change, and the idea of ​​Hawkeye releasing the arrow and killing Thor would change everything.

two Loki leads Asgard against Nick Fury

Loki and Asgard confront Nick Fury.

If Thor dies in his What if…? episode based on his first movie, which could lead to another massive series of shots from the first trailer. That moment saw Loki leading the Asgardian troops towards Earth.

They faced Nick Fury and the military forces. These Asgardians included Volstagg and more, so there is a possibility that Thor’s death will lead to Loki leading the war to Earth to avenge his brother’s death.

1 Marvel Zombies are included

Zombie Iron Man in What If.

Possibly the most exciting moment of the first What if…? The trailer showcased one of Marvel’s most popular alternate world stories. Iron Man and Captain America ended up as zombies and it looks like one of the MCU changes would include the Marvel zombies story.

It is not clear from which story it could be derived, but bringing the classic comic history of The Living Dead creator Robert Kirkman to the What if…? series could make it the most popular episode of the first season.

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