Mass Effect: Tali’s 10 best interactions

During the Massive effect games, Alliance Navy Commander Shepard will recruit many talented and powerful individuals to the crew of the Normandy, and one of Shepard’s first allies was the quarian engineer Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, who was on his ritual pilgrimage at the time. Shepard welcomed Tali to the crew and they never looked back.

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Commander Shepard soon became friends with the clever and talented Tali’Zorah, and after the NormandyAfter the tragic destruction at the hands of the Collectors, Tali went her own way, until she reunited with the Commander for another adventure in 2185, and again in 2186. Along the way, Shepard shared more than a few sincere, tragic, or just fun moments with this loyal quarian squadmate, making her a truly memorable character in sci-fi games.

10 When Shepard hired Tali to help complete his pilgrimage

tali mass effect

Even the process of meeting and hiring Tali’Zorah was exciting and established many aspects of her personality and abilities. Tali, at the time, was planning to sell information to the Shadow Broker through Fist, until Fist betrayed Tali and tried to hand it over to the villain Saren Arterius.

Shepard saved Tali’s life against Saren’s thugs, and Tali provided much-needed evidence of Saren’s guilt in the Eden Prime attack. Tali was also on her pilgrimage, and wisely viewed Shepard’s search as a great opportunity to end her pilgrimage and make a difference in the world. She was absolutely right.

9 When Shepard played poker with her, Ken and Gabby aboard the Normandy SR-2

mass effect tlai

This was a minor scene at the time, but looking back, it was a hopeful sign of how much everyone likes him and how Cerberus isn’t entirely hostile to aliens. Once Tali’Zorah was recruited aboard the Normandy SR-2, rubbed shoulders with Kenneth Donnelly and Gabriella Daniels, and they got along really well.

At one point, Ken and Gabby want to play a variant of poker, and if Tali is around they will gladly invite and accept. It’s a minor but poignant example of Tali being totally accepted by the Cerberus crew, even if she’s an alien whose face is never visible. Tali had a happy and normal time with people who were normally unkind to her kind.

8 When Tali joins Shepard’s team at Freedom’s Progress colony

shepard tali dough effect

Tali appeared early in the second Massive effect title, although she could not be formally recruited at the time. The Illusive Man sent Shepard to the Freedom’s Progress colony to investigate, and Tali and a few other quarians are there as well. None of the quarians liked seeing Cerberus’ agents in person, but Tali wasn’t mean about it.

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Unlike the antagonist Prazza, Tali was willing to cooperate with the Cerberus team, mainly because she trusted Shepard in particular, and needed another team to rescue Veetor. Tali showed great maturity and leadership skills in this scene, all for Shepard to see.

7 When Shepard taunts an Urdnot scout for whining like a quarian

mass effect urdnot scout

This is one of the many moments in Mass effect 2 where Shepard’s choice of squadmates will affect a mission’s dialogue, even if it’s just a little bit. Mordin Solus’ allegiance mission involves raiding the Weyrloc Clan base to rescue Maelon, and Shepard will encounter a captured Urdnot scout who has been brutally experimented on.

The explorer will refuse to leave, claiming that he is too weak to fight, and that it is better to serve as a guinea pig for fertility experiments. The renegade Shepard will get cheeky and compare Urdnot’s defeated scout to a quarian with “a stomachache,” and poor Tali, if present, will clearly be angry. Quarians make however, he gets sick easily.

6 When Shepard comforts Tali by seeing Rael’Zorah’s corpse aboard the Alarei

Tali’Zorah’s allegiance quest is one of the most exciting and dramatic quests in Mass effect 2, and things take a tragic turn midway through the fight aboard the I had flown, when Tali comes across the body of her father, Rael’Zorah. Father and daughter had not been very close, but this was still a blow to Tali.

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Tali burst into tears and tried to deny what she was seeing, so Paragon Shepard will gently comfort her quarian friend and put her in shape to finish the mission against Geth’s final squad awaiting them. Tali takes this seriously and finds the determination to finish the job.

5 When Tali agrees to make amends with Legion after their allegiance mission

Once Tali’Zorah and the Legion robotics have completed their allegiance missions, the two will be at odds, and only Shepard will be able to figure this out. Legion will have the opportunity to transmit data about the Migrant Fleet to the rest of the Geth, and Tali will hold Legion at gunpoint, demanding that he stop the transmission.

With enough paragon or renegade, Shepard can settle this dispute fairly, and it’s extraordinary to see Tali make peace with a Geth, her sworn enemy, like this. She will understand that Legion is simply trying to protect her people from Quarian aggression, and will loan Legion some nonessential data for the Geth to use. Fair is fair.

4 When the male Shepard hits Tali and she likes it

Tali will freely admit that until now she has not been intimate with anyone and has never found a romantic partner even among the quarians, much less with a human. The male Shepard, if he takes an interest in Tali, will try to win her heart, and Tali is very intrigued.

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When this topic comes up, Tali will get a little nervous, and Shepard will gently tease her and ask if she is actually blushing behind that face mask of hers. Tali still needs a little more time to process her feelings, but the sparks are already flying, and this charming scene is a great first step towards a successful romance with Tali.

3 When Tali’Zorah and Male Shepard fell in love

Near the end of Mass effect 2On the eve of the suicide mission against the Gatherers, Commander Shepard may pay one more visit to Tali, or rather, she approaches him first. Tali cannot deny her feelings for the Commander, and they both know what they want. Tali takes a bold step when she allows Shepard to remove her helmet visor so they can really be face to face.

Not long after that, Tali will comment that she experienced a severe allergic reaction to all that exposure, but in her own words, it was worth it. Few romances are as touching and sweet as this one.

two When Tali babbles drunken nonsense at the Citadel party

tali zorah drunk bathroom dough effect

Tali’Zorah becomes too friendly with him Normandywell stocked bar during Mass effect 3, but he has a much more enjoyable time getting drunk during the Citadel DLC house party. She has a lot of fun imitating both of them Normandyyes, then he ends up in the bathroom alone, babbling nonsense.

It’s fun hearing Tali’s weird ideas for getting a tattoo under her suit, among other things, and the next morning, she has a hangover that would make Reaper cringe. At least her suit can help her break down the alcohol toxins to get back into shape faster.

1 When Tali explores the location of a house in Rannoch

tali mass effect

In 2186, the quarian fleet and the geth army will wage war in the Tikkun system, and even before the war concludes, Tali will have a chance to set foot on Rannoch’s quarian homeworld with Shepard during a lull in the fighting. . She is almost speechless with the weight of this moment.

Tali is optimistic about everything, and Shepard listens as Tali daydreams about where exactly she wants to place her first house, and even finds out which angle provides the best view for a window. It’s wonderful to see Tali making constructive and hopeful plans for the future like that, with only Commander Shepard to trust.

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