Masters of the Universe Officially Introduces He-Man’s Lost Hero

In the prequel to the Netflix series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation gave the franchise’s long-lost hero an official place in He-Man history.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation # 1 by Kevin Smith, Rob David, Tim Sheridan, Mindy Lee, Rico Renzi, Kathleen Barnett, and Deron Bennett, on sale now.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are back in a new comic book prequel to the upcoming Netflix movie Masters of the Universe: Revelation Serie. The Dark Horse comic of the same name has already set the tone for things to come by making the shocking official introduction of He-Ro, a long-lost character who once assumed leadership of the franchise in a Masters of the Universe spin. -0ff.

And after years as an occasional action figure, He-Ro finally has a place in the world of He-Man narrative.

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He-Man Grayskull He-Ro

Years before Eternia was protected by He-Man, King Grayskull acted as both benevolent ruler and fierce champion of the land. Tragedy fell upon his family when the hordes of King Hiss attacked and sent the king’s eldest son, Prince D’Are, into the clutches of the interdimensional Orlax. After making a desperate deal with both his gods and the devil, King Grayskull finally found the power to fight back, though he would not save his son.

However, D’Are wasn’t the only one who needed to be saved that day, and at the same time the royal family was lamenting that they had been saved by a time-traveling He-Man. This encounter inspired the young prince Ro to become a champion himself. It’s a poignant scene on the surface considering Ro’s own insecurities about his potential as a warrior compared to his late brother. However, delving a little deeper reveals it as one of the most anticipated moments in the entire history of the franchise. As He-Man watches the past catch up with its present on its journey back in time, he witnesses Prince Ro go from a humble young royal to a champion not unlike himself or the other. King Grayskull. In fact, Ro grows up to be the lost hero of the Masters of the Universe franchise, He-Ro.

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In 1987, Mattel planned to launch a continuation of its already popular franchise in the form of Grayskull’s powers, a trip to the bygone era of Eternia’s past. He-Ro would have been front and center for the Preternia champion. The toy line it would have been a part of was never released at the time, and only a few prototype figures saw the light of day. Although the He-Ro figure would finally be released in 2009, the lack of time in the limelight meant that He-Ro’s story never really expanded.

But now, fans can finally witness He-Ro’s journey from prince to warrior with the Sword of Power in his hands. While it’s unclear how much, if any, the He-Ro story will have on the actual Netflix show, it still has a place in Masters of the Universe science. And regardless of its future, He-Ro’s future opens up an avenue in the franchise that seemed closed forever and that could take the He-Man world into new territory.

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