MCU: Every method used to hide the Infinity Stones

Over the course of 23 films, there were six immensely powerful artifacts called the Infinity Stones that were slowly but surely introduced throughout the Infinity Saga. At the end of Infinity war, the six Stones had been discovered from their mystical artifacts and ancient hiding places just as Thanos had collected them for his deplorable feat.

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While fans know where each stone was hidden at this stage of the MCU, many of the hiding places were surprises until the end. Some Stones were even hidden in plain sight for years. Considering that these primordial relics contain such enormous amounts of power, it’s no wonder that many people tried to hide them from the wrong hands.

6 Space Stone – Hidden within the tesseract for thousands of years, maybe longer

The Space Stone took the form of Tesseract for most of its tenure in the MCU, until Thanos smashed the cube in his hand to reveal the glowing blue Stone before placing it in his glove. The Tesseract is shown for the first time in Captain America the First Avenger in the city of Tonsberg, Norway during World War II.

However, many years before, the Asgardians had decided to leave the Tesseract in the care of the Asgardian worshipers after they drove the Jotun out of their city, in the hope that it would remain secretly safe in Midgard. The Space Stone had been hidden in the Tesseract since at least 965 AD, although considering that Asgardians live many more years than Midgardians, it is quite possible that the Tesseract hid the Stone for hundreds of thousands of years. However, it is unknown if the Asgardians put the Stone into the Tesseract themselves or if they simply acquired it during their days of conquest.

5 Mind Stone – Hidden in Loki’s scepter, before finding a new home with vision

The first time fans see the Mind Stone (although they don’t know it at the time) is during the first Avengers movie when Loki uses the scepter that Thanos gave him to control the minds of various SHIELD agents. It is later seen that the scepter is used to close the space portal from which the Chitauri are entering, indicating that it was potentially tied to the Tesseract in some way.

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It is unknown why the scepter glows blue despite the Stone being yellow, and it is also unknown where Thanos obtained the scepter or if he knew of the power it possessed. Some comic book fans have theorized that Thanos actually took the scepter from Titan’s ruling body once his civilization perished.

They have also suggested that Thanos knew it contained the Mind Stone and was simply lending the scepter to Loki in hopes of doubling down on his acquisition of the Infinity Stone. Once Ultron extracts the Stone from the Scepter, he finds a new home in the center of Vision’s forehead, until Thanos reaches Earth.

4 Reality Stone – It took the form of ether and was sealed by King Bor

Ether in MCU

The Reality Stone was not so much hidden as it had shifted its state of matter (or changed its reality) to become a fluid-like possessive entity that clung to unsuspecting hosts. During an ancient war between Asgard and the Dark Elves, Malekith attempted to use the Aether to return the universe to darkness.

However, Odin’s father, King Bor of Asgard, was able to snatch the ether from the dark elves before they could use it and hid it deep within an unknown realm. Unfortunately, during the next convergence, Jane Foster accidentally bumps into this realm and goes far enough into the Aether that she uses her as a host before transferring to Malekith. Finally, Thor and Jane are able to stop Malekith and retrieve the Aether once more. It is revealed in the end credits scene that Lady Sif and Volstagg are bringing the Aether, now contained in a small rectangular box, to a man named The Collector who later appears attempting to obtain another Stone.

3 Power Stone – Hidden within an unassuming orb on a planet normally covered in water

The Power Stone was hidden in a small metal orb in an ancient temple on the planet Morag, which seemed like an excellent hiding place considering that Morag is generally covered by vast oceans and the tides only recede enough to access the temple once every 300. years. However, Peter Quill ends up on Morag at the right time and takes the orb out of the temple.

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The Stone is brought to The Collector in Knowhere, but when she recovers payment for the Stone, her slave grabs her, causing her body to overload with raw cosmic energy, destroying The Collector’s shop in the process. Eventually, the Stone is once again contained in a different but identical orb after spending some time with Ronan and the Guardians. The Nova Corps held on to the new orb for as long as they could, but when Thanos came looking for it, it didn’t take long to get it.

two Time Stone: Hidden in the Eye of Agamotto for Millenia

Doctor Strange Time Stone Eye from Agamotto 2

The Time Stone was revealed to be at the heart of the Eye of Agamotto in Dr. Strange’s debut film. Wong even refers to her as an Infinity Stone. Dr. Strange first used the Stone in Kamar-Taj’s library to manipulate an apple, but later used it to create a time cycle that saved Earth from Dormammu and its Dark Dimension. Before Strange began using the Stone, whether he wanted to or not, practitioners of the mysterious arts pledged to protect the relic with their lives, as it is their primary weapon in the fight against the dark forces.

The Stone was first used by the founder of the mysterious arts, a powerful Supreme Sorcerer named Agamotto. However, once placed within the relic, the use of the Stone was prohibited, although its study was allowed (see the Book of Cagliostro). It is unknown when Agamotto acquired the Stone, how long he was alive to protect it, or even if anyone had it between Agamotto and the Elder. Maybe between Shang-chi Y The Eternals, fans will get some answers soon.

1 Soul Stone – Remains in Vormir, protected by Red Skull, only revealed to those who have offered a sacrifice.

Red Skull Soul Stone Avengers Endgame

The Soul Stone was the only one of the Infinity Stones that did not appear until Infinity war. The fan theories surrounding the location of the last Stone were wild, although some were actually quite plausible, such as the one suggesting that it was the stone that was on Heimdall’s chest armor and that was what gave him his powers. omission and orange eyes. .

However, it is revealed that the Stone lives on the planet Vormir, which is apparently at the center of celestial existence, to which it does not seem safe or easy to find. The Stone is also guarded by the Red Skull from the first moment. Captain America film, and his job is to inform those seeking the Stone that it requires great sacrifice. Fans learn twice that the sacrifice for the Soul Stone must be someone the seeker of the Stone loves very much, such as a daughter or an incredibly close friend.

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